Osteria Pucci

Often, when a restaurant is pretty posh, the service or the quality of the food isn’t up to par. However, ask any local around town and they’ll tell you that Osteria Pucci is the It-girl of Trastevere. Located in the famous Piazza Mastai, this osteria doesn’t just exude stylish and hip taste, it also wins big brownie points for its top-notch food sastifying stomachs since 1947. Traditional Roman fare is its specialty. Dishes like rigatoni alla zozzona with sausage, pecorino and parmesan cheese and tomatoes; abbacchio scottadito, trippa alla romana and a side order of freshly grilled vegetables are always big crowd pleasers. When in doubt and unsure of what to order, their pizzas are not just a safe bet, they’re mmm mmm good! Those with a sweet tooth will appreciate the restaurant’s homemade desserts, especially their squajo di cioccolata and other specialty cakes.

osteria pucci roma


Piazza Mastai, 2 (Trastevere)

Opening time

Mon-Sun 12-3pm; 7.30pm-12am



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