Ostia Antica Festival 2020

ostia antica festival

The Myth and the Dream

This summer, the Ostia Antica Festival makes its return as a whole host of theatrical and musical spectacles play out in the magical setting of Ostia Antica’s Parco Archeologico.

This year’s edition of the festival is entitled ll Mito e il Sogno (The Myth and the Dream) and has the balance of tradition and innovation at its core. Following the theatrical tradition, this season’s shows will take place in the ancient, outdoor Teatro Romano. Besides its incredible history and longevity, the ruin makes an ideal setting thanks to its great acoustics. The prestige of this theatre will be matched by a rich selection of Italian artistic culture that will take to the stage.

Ostia Antica Festival 2017

Alchimie di fuoco Lucie Igniferi

The Ostia Antica Festival continues through September with a rich selection of Italian artists: Francesco Gabbani with his new “Inedito Acustico” tour (Sep 1), Andrea Perroni with its “Dal Vivo” show (Sep 4), Stefano Massini with his “L’alfabeto delle Emozioni” (Sep 5), Paola Minaccioni with “Dal vivo sono molto meglio” (Sep 6), Tony Esposito’s Gente Distratta that pays tribute to Pino Daniele (Sep 11), the “Best of” with Lillo and Greg (Sep 12), James Senese (Sep 13), Vincenzo Salemme with “Napoletano? E famme ‘na pizza” (Sep 16), Claudio Bisio and Gigio Alberti in “Ma tu sei felice?” (Sep 17), Andrea Iacomini in “La mossa di Tetsuya” (Sep 18), Dialoghi Sinfonici Ouverture e arie d’opera with EICO – Europa InCanto Orchestra, Direttore Germano Neri (Sep 19), and Samuel on September 20th to close off the festival!


Ostia Antica Festival 2017

Ostia Antica Festival 2020

Until 20 September (Il Mito e Il Sogno)

Teatro Romano

Viale dei Romagnoli, 717, Ostia Antica

T. 06 68134748


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