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Plexus Rome Pilates, Yoga, massages & Wellbeing studio

PLEXUS is not just the best Pilates studio in Rome, it is a Concept and a Lifestyle

When was the last time you checked in with your body? The last time you actually took a moment to stop dismissing that morning brain fog, ceaseless body aches, or incessant irritability as a natural phenomenon and truly checked in with your well being? These abnormalities are not a part of the natural aging process and Plexus founders Jonathan and Teresa are eager to share their masterfully curated approach to not only reverse these unsolicited symptoms but to ideally rekindle your love of life, health, wellness and fun. With over 20 years of experience studying yoga, physical therapy, geroscience and other sub genres of physical and mental strengthening this married duo have passionately designed a holistic and scientific method to ultimately reverse rapid aging.

Why Choose Plexus?

Be warned, the Plexus method is no joke. This entirely revolutionary approach to wellbeing and longevity takes a pretty intense level of commitment and budget. But what better of an investment than that of your health and well-being? One visit and you’ll understand why Plexus is one of the most well-respected and well worth the money holistic centres in town.

The PLEXUS Method

Plexus Rome Pilates, Yoga, massages & Wellbeing studio

Plexus’ rehabilitating method is a type of mindful medicine where highly trained and experienced experts zealously work with their clients to address the root causes of symptoms and create a highly tailored data-based formula to target individual problem areas. As you may imagine such an endeavor most certainly requires a combination of specialties. Fortunately, the Plexus studio houses multiple treatments, practises, practitioners and even ethos all under one roof. The prescriptions may include a meditation focused formula for those with high stress levels, or a guided relationship with their inhouse nutritionist if weight is your concern. Or perhaps you suffer from a combination of stress and body aches which would benefit greatly from their experienced in-house massage therapists. Whatever your cocktail of needs all prescriptions include the physically demanding practise that constitutes Plexus.

Plexus Rome Pilates, Yoga, massages & Wellbeing studio

This 7- tiered practise begins with stability- the starting point for safe and sustained physical activity. Once the student understands and can apply the concept of correct bracing and stabilizing, the next step is to gain strength followed by endurance, flexibility, elasticity, agility and finally balance. Balance is essentially the collective of the 7 tiers, when the student has achieved a balance of both physical exertion and a mental state of awareness that is higher and more enlightened.

The Plexus method promotes reverse aging but also guides you to the truest, best version of yourself. Expect to feel whole- lighter, happier, more confident, the very best version of yourself. The peace that accompanies such hard work and dedication to your well-being will make you a rock of a person, a resilient individual that beams confidence, love and light.

Group and Private Classes

Whether you are a beginner, or a professional Plexus Rome hosts a multitude of private and group classes to get your sweat on and even perhaps meet some new friends! In addition to this they also offer new and ever-changing workshops if you’re passionate about expanding your knowledge of health and wellness. The following is a list of classes and treatments that rotate weekly at the Plexus studio:

  • Plexus method
  • Yoga
  • Barre method
  • Private training
  • Pre and postnatal sessions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Therapeutic massage and meditation
  • Beauty treatments
  • Tailored body massage and reflexology

The Studio Where Your Journey Will Begin

Plexus Rome Pilates, Yoga, massages & Wellbeing studio

Does this life altering endeavour sound like something you’d like to be part of? Plexus welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to their beautiful studio located on Via Arenula in the heart of Rome. By way of a petite serene entrance complete with a beautiful orchid plant and a beaming team member to greet you is this little piece of health and wellness paradise where your journey will begin. The exquisite space expands to different rooms housing different specialties. The Plexus method studio room will be the first to adorn your eyes with a large original stained-glass window looking over the Tiber River and gracing the room with a ton of natural light. This main studio room is spacious yet cozy and is set up to welcome no more than 6 students per class, allowing either Jonathan or Teresa (depending on whose class you take) the freedom to modify, adjust, and fully attend to each students needs.

Plexus Rome Pilates, Yoga, massages & Wellbeing studio

Continue further through the soaring hallway and you may be surprised to find a finely equipped and may I add stunningly organized kitchen where the studios homemade kombucha is brewed. The kombucha is reserved for members only but if you’re lucky enough to be offered a sample I devoutly recommend the orange flavoured fizzy drink! It was light, refreshing, the natural carbonation danced with my tastebuds, and it was hard to believe that something so delicious was loaded with such super health benefits. It is here that you will also find their selection of biological wine for sale- after all we are in Rome!

At the end of the hallway, you’ll enter the guest headquarters- large immaculate changerooms complete with tons of storage for your belongings. There’s also 3 pristine bagni with private showers if you wish to rinse after your workout. Further to the right, among the rooms occupied by Plexus’ treatment therapists, you’ll find the studio rooms used for Plexus’ one-on-one private sessions.

So, whether you’re interested in rejuvenating your life and overall wellness, or just looking to drop in for a therapeutic massage or single Plexus class do not neglect yourself of the best wellness experience in all of Italy. Your enlightened self is waiting!


Via Arenula, 53


Mon-Sat 9am-8pm








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