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Romaeuropa festival

Romaeuropa Festival’s October events

This year, the jam-packed line-up of the 33rd edition of the Romaeuropa Festival is set to delight, inspire and entertain all ages till the 25th of November. A dazzling array of theatre, dance, circus, art, technology and music will be showcased at 27 different venues throughout the city. Here, we list all of the festival’s events in store for October.

NONE collective

from September 27th to October 7th 2018
Sala Santa Rita

More than an installation, GENESI is a collective ritual, a stimulus on the search for the connection between the individual and their spirituality. From the OM mantra to the Tibetan bells, the songs of the Mu’adhin to Gregorian chants to hypnosis techniques: the most varied and ancient meditation practices merge to create a loud crescendo that, together with the use of light, challenges the spectator by transforming them into an unconscious performer.

Free entrance


Agamennone, Schiavi, Conversio

October 2nd – 3rd 2018
Teatro Argentina

After having presented Virgilio Brucia at REf15, the company returns to the stage with the long-awaited production integrated with the chapters of the Oresteia – the Agamemnon, the Slaves and The Conversion. Vision, song and oration contribute to the construction of a performance that maintains the structure and the texts of Aeschylus’ tragedy, if only to find within its plot and interstices – as well as in the thought of its author – the roots of today’s western condition.


Tsirihaka Harrivel & Vimala Pons

Circus musical cabaret – National premiere
October 3rd – 4th 2018
Auditorium Parco della Musica

Tsirihaka Harrivel and Vimala Pons have been working together since 2005 and know perfectly well just what the circus of today can be. Their latest production, GRANDE –, is a wildly contemporary show that combines the poetry of images with well-defined writing.

digital attitude
Digitalive meets Spring Attitude Festival

Digital art music – Opening Digitalive
October 4th 2018

Double opening at the Mattatoio for Digitalive, the REf’s focus on performing and digital arts, and Spring Attitude, the Roman electronic music festival dedicated to new sounds and trends that celebrates its ninth edition.  Both events are connected with new languages and artistic research and get together for the first time in a grand and shared opening. A path winding its way through multimedia performances, international artists and new talents. Uncommon visuals and sounds explore the digital culture creatively, challenging the new forms of technology.

Quiet Ensemble
Back Symphony

Music – Digitalive
October 4th – 5th 2018

Dedicated to the field of artistic research between music, performance, visual arts and new technologies, the two artists return with a work featuring light as the protagonist of a live performance. Back Symphony is a symphonic concert of mechanical and straightforward objects that come to life backstage, almost hidden from human beings.


Marco Donnarumma in collaboration with Margherita Pevere

Dance – National premiere
October 4th – 5th 2018

Starting from these questions, Berlin-based Italian artists Marco Donnarumma – performer, sound artist and scholar, honoured by some of the most important festivals in the world, including the famous Ars Electronica in 2017 – and Margherita Pevere – internationally renown visual artist, bio-artist and researcher – construct Eingeweide. Within the performance space, the performers’ bodies confront a robotic prosthesis named Amygdala. The prosthesis is guided by artificial intelligence algorithms that allow it to learn in real time, through trial and error, how to move and exist on stage.


The Cool Couple
Karma Fails, Meditation is Visualization

Performance – Digitalive
October 5th – 7th 2018

Karma Fails is the first chapter of Turbulent Times. Nothing Happens in Nice Weather, a path built around the Anthropocene debate. The duo seeks to go beyond the apocalyptic and mainstream rhetoric of the end of the world, focusing attention on the human being, humankind’s condition and power. To do so, concentration falls on the practice of meditation, transforming it into a source of infinite and renewable energy or the starting point for critical thinking.


Noise is full of words

Music Performance
October 5th – 6th 2018

Based in Brussels, VOID is the artistic collective founded in 2013 by Mauro Vitturini and Arnaud Eeckhout. Initially conceived as a performance, Noise is full of words has now become a site-specific installation in which voice recognition software records in real time that which it perceives of the sound produced by musical instruments.


Materia Lumina

Music Web
October 5th – 6th 2018
Mattatoio + online

Reinventing the urban space, breaking up patterns and routines, linking the elements crossed to shape unique sound spaces, is the goal of the collective whose members hail from different fields of study and whose practice is strictly multidisciplinary. Listening to the sounds that surround us stimulates a focused gaze and provides information on the nature of the objects that populate the world and on their relationships and interactions.


Moving Windows Forward

Performance Web
October 5th – 6th 2018
Mattatoio + online

IOCOSE is a collective comprised of four artists: Matteo Cremonesi (Brescia), Davide Prati (Berlin), Filippo Cuttica and Paolo Ruffino (London). They have been working as a group since 2006 with a variety of media such as websites, videos, social media networks, portraits and even sunflower seeds and dogs.


Leoš Janácek • Ivo van Hove • Annelies Van Parys
The Diary of One Who Disappeared

Musical Theatre
October 6th 2018
Teatro Argentina

In 1917 the Cech composer Leoš Janácek (1854 – 1928) met Kamila Stösslová in a care institution. The woman was almost forty years younger than him. Their relationship remained platonic, even though she obsessed Janácek until his death. Over seven hundred letters testify it, and one opera (inspired by the poem of a boy desperately in love with a young gipsy girl named Zefka) called Zápisník zmizelého: The Diary of One Who Disappeared.


Caterina Barbieri
Patterns of Consciousness

October 6th 2018

Her latest and well-received album, Patterns of Consciousness, is here presented live as Barbieri grinds down, decomposes and recomposes an impressive variety of patterns to give life to electronic structures that seem to hypnotise the listener, if not only to surprise with new and destabilising fractures. The environment unites implosive techno to shape an enigmatic and magnetic universe



October 6th – 7th 2018

The Italian studio founded in 2007 by Luca Camellini and Mattia Carretti, fuse* is not just a group of creative minds, but an ensemble of researchers and media artists involved in the production of performances and installations, as well as in the creation of multimedia experiences, software and technological platforms and in the intersection between virtuality and architecture.


Andrea Familari • Black Fanfare (Demetrio Castellucci)
AV Improvisation

Music Visual arts
October 6th – 7th 2018

Born in 1987 and active in both Italy and Berlin, Andrea Familari focuses his artistic research on the representation of auditory perception through geometric structures. In his performances, his live shows and interactive installations, the artist analyses the data produced by sound and generates distorted landscapes, surreal shapes and ideal settings in which decompose micro- and macro-cosmos.


Daria Deflorian/Antonio Tagliarini
Quasi niente

October 9th – 14th 2018
Teatro Argentina

On stage are three women and two men working around the figure of Giuliana, wife and mother, played in the film by a young Monica Vitti. It is she, ‘a wild woman in elegant clothing’, who takes charge of that marginality that has always attracted the two artists, who are fundamental to reading the whole world. Because Quasi nientespeaks to us not only of discomfort, of fragility, of cracks in reality but also of the childhood of a woman that the world no longer seems interested in hearing.


Frank Zappa • Ensemble Giorgio Bernasconi dell’Accademia Teatro alla Scala • Peter Rundel
The Yellow Shark

October 10th 2018
Auditorium Parco della Musica

Twenty-five years have passed since the death of Frank Zappa, a genius of 20th-century music and one of the best guitarists of all time, an artist able to make remarkably different stylistic influences their own – from rock to blues, jazz to progressive, avant-garde to cabaret. «As a musician, he was an exceptional figure because he was of two worlds: the pop world and the classical world» affirmed Pierre Boulez.


Peter Brook • Marie-Hèlène Estienne
The Prisoner

October 11th – 20th 2018
Teatro Vittoria

A multiethnic cast deals with the themes of punishment, justice and crime with the skill and natural lyrical touch that characterises the world theatre’s master writing. A man sits alone in the desert, right in front of a giant prison. Who is he? Why is he there? Is it a deliberate choice or some punishment? As for those who are inside, what crime have they committed? And what do they think of that man, facing them, free? Is he mad or maybe a god?


Ali Moini
My Paradoxical Knives

October 13th – 14th 2018
Accademia di Francia a Roma – Villa Medici

Born in 1974 in Shiraz (Iran), Ali Moini boasts an eclectic and versatile past that has to lead him from the study of traditional Iranian songs and music to performances and dance alongside artists such as Meg Stuart, Lisa Nelson and Deborah Hay. My Paradoxical Knives is a performance that draws on Persian cultural tradition while linking together the poems of the 13th-century Sufi poet Rumi and the movements at the base of the Dervishes’ whirling dance.


Wen Hui • Living Dance Studio Beijing
Red – A Documentary Performance

Dance Video
October 13th – 14th 2018
Teatro Vascello

Red – A Documentary Performance brings us back to the Maoist China of the 1960s and 1970s, using the ballet The Red Detachment of Women as a starting point, being a model of socialist aesthetics and its cultural revolution, with its mix of Western techniques and Chinese tradition. Hui brings to the stage two generations of dancers who, through their presence, their gestures but also videos and interviews, fill the void that separates the grand historical narratives from intimacy. Those who have lived through this period are faced with those who perceive it as a distant echo.


Hofesh Shechter Company
Grand Finale

Dance – National Premiere
October 13th – 14th 2018
Teatro Olimpico

Grand Finale is at once comic, bleak and beautiful, evoking a world in freefall, full of anarchic energy and violent comedy. Performed by a ten-strong tribe of dancers and accompanied by a live band of 6 musicians, Shechter’s pulsating score is combined with a richly theatrical set by Tom Scutt in this bold and ambitious new work.


Sara Sguotti

 Dance – National Premiere
October 18th 2018
MACRO Testaccio – La Pelanda

Sara Sguotti, the DNAppunti coreografici 2017 winner, has now completed her S.rituale. Starting from Baudelaire’s poem The Dancing Serpent, some works by Louise Bourgeois, Tracy Enim and Ren Hang, the young choreographer designs the piece as a real-life portrait of her idea of pleasure.


Keren Levi
The Dry Piece | XL Edition

 Dance – National Premiere
October 18th 2018

Able to change aesthetics and themes while maintaining attention firmly on the dance and movement, this Amsterdam choreographer’s work arose in close collaboration with her performers, feeding on their subjectivity. In The Dry Piece,the theatrical setting is used as a Photoshop tool or as a space in which glamour and hard work coexist in the naked body of the dancers, observed through the colours of the video projections.


Christos Papadopoulos

October 19th 2018

The latest choreography, Opus, investigates the relationship between music and vision, seeking to escape every cliché and pantomimic representation of sound. What interests Papadopoulos, in fact, is the search for a status of truth and reality of the performer, here intent on involving the public in living and experimenting the Art of Fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach.


Luna Cenere

October 20th 2018

The Japanese term ‘Kokoro’ holds two meanings simultaneously, that of ‘mind’ and ‘heart’. This word, translatable into Italian as the ‘heart of things’, is the starting point of the performance by Luna Cenere, choreographer and dancer of Neapolitan origins, born in 1987 and already part of the Virgilio Sieni dance company.


Ingrid Berger Myhre

October 20th 2018

Myhre, here engaged in a solo, constructs her performance as a set of sub-texts, pretexts and contexts that emphasise how the verbal description of a situation can alter the actual case itself. Blanks invites us to reflect upon the language of dance and on how the spectator can manipulate the scene through his or her perceptions and imagination. The result is a daydream that is sweet and full of possibilities.


Salvo Lombardo • Chiasma

October 20th 2018
Teatro Vascello

In 1881, the Gran Ballo Excelsior, one of the most successful Italian dances of the 19th century, débuted at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. These were crucial years for the affirmation of modern European culture and identity; years characterised by the industrial revolution and colonial imperialism, the triumph of science, the struggle between civilisation and the barbarity of obscurantism.


DNAppunti coreografici
Young Italians choreographers

October 21st 2018

DNAppunticoreografici is a project supporting young Italian choreographers, divided into several phases of research and creation – collecting proposals, reviewing studies, creative residencies and contributions to production – that is the result of a national collaboration between the Cango/Centro di produzione sui linguaggi del corpo in Florence, the Centro per la ScenaContemporanea/Operaestate Festival del Comune di Bassano del Grappa, L’arboreto – TeatroDimora in Mondaino, the Fondazione Romaeuropa, Gender Bender in Bologna and the Triennale di Milano.


Dominik Grünbühel • Luke Baio
Ohne Nix

October 21st 2018

The work of choreographers, dancers and digital artists Dominik Grünbühel and Luke Baio, Ohne Nix is an artistic performance in which video projections and morphing techniques unite with a sophisticated and exhilarating sense of humour.


Fabiana Iacozzilli
La Classe
un docupuppets per marionette e uomini

October 23rd – 24th 2018

Assistant director alongside the likes of Luca Ronconi and Pierpaolo Sepe, and at the helm of the LaFabbrica company since 2008, Fabiana Iacozzilli has become a national attraction through theatre buoyed by a bold vision and stagecraft system.


Vieni Su Marte

October 24th – 25th 2018

Founded in 2010 by Michele Altamura and Gabriele Paolocà, the VicoQuartoMazzini company – from Puglia – works on everyday life’s nonsense to reveal more logical explanations. Vieni su Marte (Come to Mars), their latest production, was initially conceived from small news and thought on humanity’s condition.


Mario Martone • Raffaele Di Florio • Anna Redi
Tango Glaciale Reloaded (1982 —> 2018)

October 25th – 28th 2018
Teatro Vascello

Tango Glaciale had its début at the Teatro Nuovo in Naples on 27th January 1982. Directed by Mario Martone are Andrea Renzi, Tomas Arana and Licia Miglietta on stage, all four being members of the Falso Movimento company. That evening, not only was a fundamental piece added to the panorama of the new Italian scene, but a new season was inaugurated, comprised of bodies, stories and visions of extraordinary emotional intensity.


Chiara Bersani
Gentle Unicorn

October 26th – 27th 2018

«I, Chiara Bersani, 98cm tall, declare myself as being flesh, muscles and bones of the Unicorn. Not knowing his heart, I will try to give him my breath, my eyes. I will collect the image of him; I will make a costume destined to become firstly armour then skin. In the dialogue between my form that acts and his form that clothes, we will discover our movements, kisses, greetings, yawns».


Liv Ferracchiati • The Baby Walk
Trilogia sull’Identità

October 28th 2018

With a degree in directing from the Paolo Grassi School of Milan, founder of The Baby Walk company, Liv Ferracchiati has gained national attention through a trilogy entirely dedicated to research on gender identity. The three chapters of this project, which earned her the 2017 Premio Scenario, turn the gaze of the viewer to the stories, the feelings, the lives of many characters grappling with their nature.


Motus • La MaMa

October 31st- November 3rd 2018
Teatro Vascello

PANORAMA, the Motus’ Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò latest production, questions people’s motion and migration together with research on post-nationalistic identity. The show is indeed a collective and visionary biography of the interethnic group of performers belonging to the legendary theatre in the New York East Village, founded by Ellen Stewart: La Mama.

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