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Short Theatre 2021: The Voice This Time

Rome’s annual Short Theatre, the international festival dedicated to contemporary and performing arts, returns for its sixteenth edition this September with a series of evocative performances including concerts, Dj sets, dance and theatre performances, workshops, and installations, presented by artists coming together  from all over the world. As always, the event will be spread out throughout the city in different spaces including places like WEGIL and La Pelanda – Mattatoio di Roma, Teatro Argentina, Teatro India, Teatro del Lido di Ostia and other urban spaces, which align and represent the realities active socially and culturally in the fabric of the city.

The 2021 edition will be the first backed by the artistic direction of Piersandra Di Matteo, who will take over from Francesca Corona. However, this year’s program is extraordinary as some projects planned for the 2020 event that had been postponed due to covid will be integrated as well, bearing the signature of both directions from Di Matteo and Corona, the result of an ongoing dialogue between the two creatives.

The title of this year’s edition is The Voice This Time. Vocal echoes, subterranean layers of sound, phantasmal tremors, frequencies forbidden by the major discourse, poetic words, acts of creolization, rhythms and thunders, vibration between bodies: These are the keywords and themes of Short Theatre 2021, which are integrated through a multi-year worth of research on the issues of expressive formats, relationship with the public space, cultural stratifications produced by History, processes of decolonization of arts and imaginary, and gender identities.

Ivo Dimchev

September 3rd – 5th

The first three days will kick start at WEGIL, a rationalist building by Italian architect Luigi Moretti, which became a symbol of fascist colonialism. For the last three years the start of the event has taken place at this center for practices of decolonization of the arts. From September 3rd 5th, WEGIL will host CRATERE: a space from which will flow outward a collective flow of  voices, sounds, poems, bodies, vibrations. Inside this CRATERE then, for three days, personalities and collectives will take turns, between theory, performance practice, sound research, musical experimentation and spoken poetry, within an installation, intended as a space to be inhabited.

CRATERE is curated by the French artist Anne-Lise Le Gac and the Swiss visual artist Basile Dinbergs, revolutionizing the hall of the building. Among the protagonists of CRATERE, it will be home to discussions, including topics on feminist struggle and contradictions of Eurocentric thinking, artists, writers, activist, singers, music, and much more.

Amanda Piña- Frontera © Patrick Van Vlerken (RHoK)

LA PELANDA – MATTATOIO (and other spaces)
September 6th – 11th

Like WeGil building in Trastevere, La Pelanda – Mattatoio di Roma will host the festival from September 6th to 11th, having its spaces radically transformed thanks to the public art project CHEAP Street Poster Art based in Rome. During the day, La Pelanda will be crossed daily by sound, music listening, and live DJ sets. La Pelanda Short Theatre will also be presenting a series of projects that investigate the relationship between past and present, collective history and individual history, identity and belonging, classicism and contemporary languages.

During the festival, Amanda Piña and Alessandro Carboni will present RECIPROCITY: a three-year project, whose first phase is taking place in these summer weeks thanks to the collaboration of Mattatoio di Roma/Azienda Speciale Palaexpo. RECIPROCITY intends to experiment new models of intersectionality between different belongings and subjectivities spread in the city, through bodily practices. A project that allows Short Theatre to move the center of gravity of its action in the city, observing the processes of selection and marginalization, aiming at the creation of temporary communities able to activate a mutual transmission of knowledge and to inhabit the forms of aggregation and urban conviviality.

Motus 2_©Vladimir Bertozzi_Arboreto

September 9th – 13th

The last leg of Short Theater will take place between Teatro Argentina and Teatro India. At Teatro India, on September 12, Short Theatre will host the presentation of the 29th edition of the École des Maîtres international master’s degree program in theatre education and from 9 to 12 September will be on stage Tutto Brucia by Modus.

Finally, on Sunday, September 12 and Monday, September 13, we move to Teatro Argentina for the great closing of the festival with one of the most anticipated projects of this edition. After the enthusiasm with which she was welcomed in 2019, the overwhelming African-American artist and choreographer, originally from Zimbabwe, Nora Chipaumire returns to Short Theatre, presenting in European Premiere one of the 8 chapters of Nehanda. Nehanda rewrites the idea of Opera, one of the most historically important artistic genres in European culture, placing it in dialogue with the African imaginary, its mythology, its epic. Nehanda is a show co-produced with the Teatro di Roma – Teatro Nazionale as part of Great Plains, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America in Rome.

For more details on Short Theatre’s roster of artists and performers and what is unfolding when, check out to their website or click here.


Amanda Piña ~ Kinkaleri ~ Alessandro Carboni ~ Sofia Jernberg ~ Loreto Martínez Troncoso ~ Anne-Lise Le Gac / Basile Dinbergs ~ Allison Grimaldi-Donahue  ~ Norman Ajari ~ Extragarbo ~ François Chaignaud Giulia Crispiani / Patrizia Rotonda ~ Giovanna Zapperi ~ Wissal Houbabi / Vittorio Zollo ~Lafawndah ~ Ivo Dimchev ~ INCOMMON / Iuav ~ Sara Leghissa ~ NERO ~ Cherish Menzo  Alexia Sarantopoulou ~ CHEAP street poster art ~ crystallmess ~ École des Maîtres ~ Fanfulla 5/a  Mighty ~ Brutal Casual Magazine (Jacopo Benassi / Lady Maru) ~ Giuseppe Vincent Giampino ~ OHT  Les Cliniques Dramaturgiques ~ Motus ~ Muna Mussie ~ Jaha Koo ~ Nadia Beugré ~ Madalena Reversa ~ Nora Chipaumire and more….

September 3 – 13


La Pelanda – Mattatoio di Roma, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4
WEGIL, Largo Ascianghi 5
Teatro Argentina, Largo di Torre Argentina, 52
Teatro India, Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman, 1
Teatro del Lido di Ostia, Via delle Sirene, 22 Ostia

Tickets will be available from the last week fo August

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