Short Theatre 2018

short theatre 2018

Short Theatre 2018: Provocare Realtà

Rome’s annual Short Theatre festival returns this month with a series of evocative performances, including DJ sets, concerts, dance and theatre performances, workshops, and installations. The festival runs every evening from the 5th to the 16th of this month in four beautiful locations: La Pelanda, Teatro India, Teatro Argentina, Biblioteche di Roma.

Definitely don’t miss out on their after parties or “dopofestival”, that start late into the night at 12.30am on certain dates. For more details on Short Theatre’s roster of artists and performers and what is unfolding when, check out to their website or click here.

September 5-15

Locations: La Pelanda, Teatro India, Teatro Argentina, Biblioteche di Roma

Entry fee: standard ticket €10; pass for 5 performances €32-45, pass for 10 performances €65-80

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