Short Theatre 2020

Short Theatre 2020 in Rome

Short Theatre 2020: time, space, presence, relationships, transmission and transformation

Rome’s annual Short Theatre, the festival dedicated to contemporary and performing arts, returns this September for its fifteenth edition with a series of evocative performances including concerts, Dj sets, dance and theatre performances, workshops, and installations.

An important milestone that comes in one of the most critical moments in recent history. It will therefore be a special edition, of transformation: the usual festival layout will remain the same but the edition will be rethought in a more intimate and unplugged dimension. The themes that will characterize the festival will be the decolonization of the arts, where the stories themselves will become central to the festival.

A propagation in space but also over time, not only because the number of replicas will ensure wide (but safe) accessibility; but most importantly because the program will also be articulated through digital and editorial formats, in a series of reverberations between live events, the trace that the festival has left in these 15 years and the delineation of new directions for the future.

The artistic supervision sees the founder of the festival, Fabrizio Arcuri, who will also curate the section of Panorama Roma, which he conceived in 2018 and has directed since, and that of Francesca Corona. Time, space, presence, relations, transmission and transformation are the keywords of this edition. The concept of redefining the urban space, which was launched during the last edition at WeGil, will also continue this year.

In a glimpse, Short Theatre 2020 is an edition shaped even more by dialogue and relationships, characterized by proximity intended not as a physical and spatial condition but as an intention – political, existential, emotional – to be put back at the center of the festival’s thought and action through 5 sections:

Panorama Roma

Panorama Roma is a project by Fabrizio Arcuri born in 2018 which collects the support of other Roman structures. It is a project born to ​share, research and reflect on the needs of the Roman artistic community where artists are invited to share part of their artistic path and the process through which they find themselves immersed.

This year Panorama Roma expands its transversal gaze on Roman cultural production, in search of new production models and convergences that can nourish them, collaborating with the European project Fabulamundi Playwriting Europe. The artists and companies involved with Panorama Roma this year will deal with international texts still unpublished in Italy, selected during these three years, setting up a creative site visible to the public during the days of the festival.

Tempo Libero

Tempo Libero – the section created in 2018 dedicated to openness and sharing – makes a comeback with their free labs, workshops and moments of training dedicated to knowledge and the leisure of mind.


From sunset, the music and night section of the festival, Contrara, will be waiting for you with its live concerts, dj sets and events. Also included in this section is the concert by Felix Kubin and the DJ sets by Elena Colombi and Dj Marcelle.

Displacement of Festival / More Than This

From 2018 Short Theater has embarked on a journey in the company of five festivals and cultural spaces and many artists scattered worldwide. This adventure is called More Than This and it’s a European project that ends this year, whose goal is to redefine the notion of “displacement” as a change in our way of perceiving identities and practices, rethinking the methods of hospitality, putting in discussion our capacity to welcome others and to go towards them.

Short Theatre 2020 will be a moment to experiment a form of cohabitation with a second festival, the Portuguese Materiais Diversos, as part of the Displacement of Festivals activity envisioned by the European project More Than This, which will take care of part of the festival program, presenting the works of David Marques, Volmir Cordeiro, Tiago Cadete and Catarina Miranda.

Progetti di Residenza

To amplify the program of Short Theater 2020, the Progetti di Residenza are back, this year intertwined with Tempo Libero, the section dedicated to workshops. In recent years, Short Theater has always been ready to welcome insights that come from outside. Projects in Residence are those permanent projects that inhabit the festival for its entire duration. Areas of daily events, with their own calendar that is grafted onto the main one, curated by artists with whom the festival shares gazes and affinities. In this way Short Theater virtually and physically multiplies its places and becomes the container of a simultaneity of dialogues which, in turn, nourish the temperature, the events and the presences that cross the festival.

For more details on Short Theatre’s roster of artists and performers and what is unfolding when, check out to their website or click here.


BLUEMOTION / Giorgina Pi | Catarina Miranda | Cosmesi | David Marques | Dj Marcelle | El Conde de Torrefiel | Elena Colombi | Elsa Dorlin | Emilia Verginelli | Felix Kubin | Françoise Vergès | Forensic Oceanography | Gérald Kurdian | Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin | Jacopo Jenna | Kinkaleri & Jacopo Benassi | Les Cliniques Dramaturgiques | Marco D’Agostin | Marie Losier | Materiais Diversos / More Than This | Monira Al Qadiri | OHT / Little Fun Palace | Paola Rota + Simonetta Solder + Teho Teardo | Radouan Mriziga | Salvo Lombardo | Simon Senn | Tiago Cadete | Volmir Cordeiro | Zapruder

September 4 – 13


La Pelanda – Mattatoio di Roma, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4
WEGIL, Largo Ascianghi 5
Teatro Argentina, Largo di Torre Argentina, 52
Teatro India, Lungotevere Vittorio Gassman, 1

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