Short Theatre 2019

Short Theatre 2019 Rome

Short Theatre 2019: Visione D’Insieme

Rome’s annual Short Theatre festival returns this month for its fourteenth edition with a series of evocative performances including concerts, Dj sets, dance and theatre performances, workshops, and installations. The title of this year’s edition, “Visione D’Insieme”, recalls the different traces of an increasingly complex reality, that ability to fix the extraction of history with what happens in the present, through an always open and inclusive look. The festival runs every evening from the 6th to the 14th of this month in fivebeautiful locations: La Pelanda, WeGil, Teatro India, Teatro Argentina, Carrozzerie n.o.t.

Definitely don’t miss out on their after parties or “dopofestival”, that start late into the night on certain dates. For more details on Short Theatre’s roster of artists and performers and what is unfolding when, check out to their website or click here.


Alessandra Di Lernia | Alessandro Sciarroni | Alex Cecchetti | Angélica Liddell/École des Maitres | Anne Lise Le Gac & Arthur Chambry | Barokthegreat  Claudia Castellucci |  Deflorian/Tagliarini | DOM- + Boato\Danesin | Encyclopédie de la Parole | Françoise Vergès | Invernomuto | Jaha Koo | Kader Attia  Kiddy Smile | Lady Maru/Kybbe/Bob Corsi |  Lancelot Hamelin/The Light House Project | Manuela Cherubini | Marie Losier | Marta Cuscunà | Mk | Motus | nora chipaumire | Nyamnyam | OHT_Little Fun Palace | OKO DJ Panorama Roma | Panzetti/Ticconi | Ricardo Dias Gomes | Samira Elagoz | Sara Leghissa/Strasse + Carlo Fusani | Shawala | Sirna/Pol | Sotterraneo | Tropicantesimo

September 6-14

Locations: La Pelanda, WeGil, Teatro India, Teatro Argentina, Carrozzerie n.o.t.

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