Glassy Venezia: Authentic Italian Glassware


Artisanal goods from famous island of Murano in Rome

Founded in 1997 by the Guetta family, Glassy Venezia is a Murano glass boutique offering a variety of handmade interior decorations, tableware, stemware, artworks, and jewelry. Entering the store, you will find elegant vases, tasteful glass ornaments, and stalls filled with colorful mosaics of glazen rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that could make a unique travel souvenir

The inventory is produced by Venetian artisans using exclusive Vetro Artistico® Murano glass. Intricate design with many small details, vibrant colors, light weight, and clean and translucent glass are all the signature characteristics of the authentic Murano trademark that ensures high quality, using traditional techniques and methods dating back to the 13th century.  

Glassy Venezia: Authentic Italian Glassware
Glassy Venezia: Authentic Italian Glassware

Why is Murano Glass so special?

Production of Murano glass is considered an art form of its kind. Practiced in Venice at least from the 8th century, it evolved from the craft performed by highly skilled masters into a bold way of experimenting with glass and expressing a creative vision of the artisans. The technique allows masters to yield and experiment with texture, form, size and color saturation of the glass, thus making the process very personalized and artistic. 

Murano glass symbolized luxurious status and elegant taste. Murano glass artists famous worldwide include names like Guido Cadorin, Alfredo Barbini, and Umberto Bellotto. For the longest time the craft technology was kept a mysterious secret passed through generations of artisans of the Murano island. Even nowaday, authentic Murano glass pieces are highly valued among many knock-offs in the market. 


Unique pieces at Glassy Venezia 

All the products at the Glassy store are 100% Made in Italy. Apart from more simple and customary accessories, there’s also a wide selection of murrine veneziane pieces created with mosaic flower patterns, as well as Murano glass versions of iconic works of art, depicting masterpieces by artists like Van Gogh and Monet. The boutique sells glass figures of different animals in various sizes, religious icons, as well as Christmas tree decorations.

Glassy Venezia: Authentic Italian Glassware
Glassy Venezia: Authentic Italian Glassware

Located a few minutes from Termini station, the shop remains popular among tourists in Rome. To avoid standing in line during the peak of the tourist season, we suggest you visit the store in the morning or in the evening (it’s open till 11pm!).


Via Principe Amedeo, 7 (Termini Station / Teatro dell’Opera)

Opening Times

Every day, 9.30am – 11pm


+39 06.80079607

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