Rome’s 2021 municipal elections


Rome Mayor’s Race 2021: the Main Candidates

The Rome Municipal elections, where Rome votes for its next mayor, will take place on the 3rd and 4th of October 2021 (with a possible runoff on 17th and 18th October 2021). The main candidates are Virginia Raggi, Carlo Calenda, Roberto Gualtieri and Enrico Michetti. In this article we will look further at what each candidate has to offer.

virginia raggi election rome 2021

VIRGINIA RAGGI: Avanti con coraggio. 

Virgina Raggi, Rome’s current mayor represents the anti-establishment Five star movement ( cinque stelle movement (M5s). She is notorious for her fight against corruption and being a climate change advocate. Promising new housing and work opportunities post-COVID, Raggi remains committed to transforming the public sector and making Rome a sustainable city. From legal suits with the region to protect against wild boar invasions to updating the tram lines, Raggi’s programme remains honest and transparent as she tackles Rome’s infrastructure.

gualtieri sindaco candidato 2021 roma

ROBERTO GUALTIERI: Roma. E tutti noi.

Italy’s former economy minister and politician of the Democratic Party, in fact one of the founders and collaborators of its 2006 manifesto, Roberto Gualitieri is a social democrat who promises to simplify life for the Romans. His program reviews constitutional articles, dating back to the Republic in order to create a wealthy economy. For the burning theme of waste, Gualtieri declared to “ face the emergency immediately, with a plan of maximum 18 months that will show effects already in the first 6.” His program also includes investing in school buildings, supporting youth and women’s initiatives and completing housing projects in “ unfinished” neighborhoods.

enrico michetti candidate mayor rome 2021

ENRICO MICHETTI: Roma, in persona.

Enrico Michetti is a lawyer and professor of public law and administration. As the Director of the Administrative Gazette of the Italian Republic, Michetti describes himself as a problem solver in the public sector. Representing the center right, his promise to the capital is a clean, safe and efficient city. Michetti’s first declaration as mayor is to “ give the role of Caput Mundi back to the Eternal City.” Michetti’s program concentrates mainly on reviving the city splendour as he emphasises the importance of science and culture, considering every citizen a citizen of the world

candidates for mayor in Rome 2021: Carlo Calenda


Carlo Calenda, a member of the European Parliament and founder of the “Azione” party , is willing to tackle Rome’s major problems seriously. Known for personally interviewing Roman citizens in each municipio, he developed practical solutions to the capital’s most important obstacles. For example, Rome’s catastrophic waste management, Calenda has a four point action plan that promises immediate cleanliness, autonomy ( to create waste plants in Rome for each respective waste) sustainability, and efficiency.

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