Santa Maria della Vittoria in Rome

Church Santa Maria della Vittoria Rome
Photo: Mauro Orlando – Flickr

A 17th century baroque church with Bernini’s Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

Built between 1608 and 1620, the Church of  Santa Maria della Vittoria is an example of the richest Baroque decoration.

Head to the Cornaro Chapel in the far left corner to see Gian Lorenzo Bernini‘s masterpiece, the recently restored “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa“, one of the most famous Baroque sculptures. It depicts in white marble the climactic moment in which a swooning nun, pierced by the arrow of God’s love, achieves spiritual union with Christ. Sculpted members of the Cornaro family overlook the dramatic and highly sensual scene from theater-like boxes. Needless to say, this provocative sculpture has sparked controversy for centuries.

The church has seen a surge in tourism thanks to the widespread popularity of author Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons, which features the building.



Via XX Settembre, 17 (Repubblica)

Opening times

7am-12pm, 3:30pm-7pm

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