The Rocking Hostels of Rome

A guide to the best hostels in rome

Rome is known as one of the tourist capitals of the world, which means it’s the perfect place to visit when you’re thinking of going on vacation. But just because you’ll be visiting all the sites, and tasting Italian delicacies and drinks, and walking the cobblestoned streets of the Eternal City—that doesn’t mean you have to go broke paying for a place to stay. For those of us who prefer to spend more money on adventure and less on accommodations, there’s a perfect option: going to a hostel. Rome is full of hostels, and it’s easy to pick the wrong one if you haven’t been, so this list will serve as your guide to the five most rocking hostels of Rome.


the yellow hostel romeThe Yellow Hostel

Via Palestro, 51 (Termini)



If you’re looking for a place to party, to make new friends over shots and beer and live music (and to deepen those friendships the next morning hungover on a group tour of The Vatican), then The Yellow is the place for you. Get ready for partying options such as beer pong, a party bus, karaoke night on Tuesdays, live music almost every night, and discounted deals on food and drink. The bar is also open to the public, which means that you can invite new friends no matter where they’re staying. But don’t let the party vibes make you think The Yellow isn’t serious. During the day, there are tours available to every part of the city, including walking and bike tours. The Yellow also offers classes such as yoga, cooking, and PG activities like movie night. While the shared rooms are a little more on the rowdy side (it is a party hostel, after all), private rooms are also available across the street, which can mean better sleep. Also, if you’re an artist (especially a musician), make sure to query in advance to see if you can stay for free and get a free dinner in exchange for a performance.

the yellow rome

the beehive hostel romeThe Beehive

Via Marghera, 8 (Termini)



When you step into The Beehive, you step into another world. As you pass through the entrance to check in, there’s a little walled garden just to your right, with its own fountain and a tree that protects the guests lounging outside from the sun and light rain. There’s a relaxed atmosphere akin to that of walking through a secret garden, and it continues throughout the hostel. The Beehive is a serene hostel that’s family-friendly and tends to have a mix of ages staying. There’s only one dorm room, the rest are private rooms, which means that guests have more opportunities here than in a typical hostel to have a private, personal experience. In addition to the main building, where the bathrooms are shared, there are other rooms located nearby with private bathroom, The Sweets and a small pensione they just started managing, Hotel Urbe, which they recently redecorated & refurbished. However, the opportunity to socialize is always available, especially with the aperitivo hour in the garden, story-telling events once a month, and cooking lessons with the owner or guest chefs. The Beehive staff also pride themselves on providing a variety services, such as laundry, and massages (by appointment). The owners also have created an app for guests, with their own personal recommendations, fully downloadable and usable offline, that serves as a guide to their favorite restaurants, gelaterias, and things to see and do in Rome.

the beehive hostel rome

m&j hostel romeM&J Place Hostel

Via Solferino, 9 (Termini)



M&J Place Hostel is one of the cheaper options on this list, but because of their creative management, you still get a lot for less. For example, below the hostel entrance you can find the hostel’s restaurant and bar, Living Room, where during the daytime you can get a meal and at night you can meet up with friends to have some drinks and dancing or head out on the local pub crawl. If you want a little more privacy, the hostel also has a balcony where you can have drinks with a more intimate group of friends. In addition to the social aspect, M&J Place Hostel also offers a multitude of helpful resources for making the most of your stay in Rome, with tours, information on every historical site in Rome and how to get there by bus or metro. There are also a variety of rooms available, from dorms to private suites.

m&j hostel

la controra hostel romeLa Controra Hostel Rome

Via Umbria, 7 (Barberini)



Want to be in the center of everything? Then head over to La Controra Hostel Rome, an 18th century converted building that’s close to the most beautiful of sights: The Spanish Steps, the Barberini Fountain, the Villa Borghese gardens, and the train station too. The Vatican is only a metro ride away, too, as is The Colosseum. It’s an intimate hostel, smaller than the others on this list, but because of common areas the opportunity to make friends while traveling still exists. There are group parties offered where guests can explore the bars and restaurants Rome has to offer, and with La Controra’s location, you’ll be right next to the best places. It’s the kind of hostel to visit when you want the option to spend some relaxing nights on your own some nights and go out with fellow travelers on others.

la controra hostel rome

ostello alessandro romaAlessandro Palace Hostel

Via Vicenza, 42 (Termini)



The Alessandro Palace Hostel is the perfect balance between a party hostel and a home away from home where you can relax. One of the priorities of the staff is to provide guests with an affordable yet comfortable stay. Dorms are all reasonably-sized, many with ensuite bathrooms, and there are lockers available both in the rooms and downstairs. There’s the opportunity to socialize, with an affordable cocktail party three nights a week, a rooftop bar, and a Night Out Party several times a week as well—but if guests prefer a calmer time, they can find that, too. There’s a socializing lounge outside of the bar, too, and The Bramble, a restaurant right next to the hostel, which has discounts for guests and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alessandro Palace Hostel is the kind of place where you can make new friends or have a relaxing vacation on your own—it’s up to you!

alessandro hostel

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