Via del Boschetto

Situated in the heart of Rome’s hippest neighborhood, Monti, Via del Boschetto houses an array of cafés and vintage shops catering to both the young and the old. As a part of the ancient neighborhood the street itself has a rich history dating back to almost 3000 years ago. The street ‘Via del Boschetto’ (“boschetto” means “little wood”) was named after Cardinal Gozanga’s efforts to plant little elms, vineyards and gardens around the church of Sant’Agata dei Goti in the 15th century.

Via del Boschetto begins at the corner of Via degli Zingari and ends at Via Nazionale. It is a treasure trove for vintage and handicraft lovers alike, one may discover a diverse collection of old school handbags, retro shoes and clothing as well as handmade accessories and jewelry along the way. If lucky, one may walk into one of the boutiques and meet the designers themselves at work!

Via del Boschetto, Roma, Lazio, Italia

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  • Although I will not be travelling to Rome until June 2014 due to commitments that cannot be put off. I am already researching sites I missed last time. I love Rome the sounds the smells and the people, each time I return it is like coming home . I could easily settle there no problem

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