Day Trip from Rome: Tivoli

Day Trip from Rome: Tivoli

Discover the Thermae, the Villas, the monuments in Tivoli

When visiting Rome a day trip to the surrounding towns and regions is a must. One such place that is well worth a slice of your travel time is Tivoli. Tivoli is a pristine mountain town shrouded in native bush, cascading waterfalls, exquisite gardens and historical sites.

Sitting in the Monti Tiburtini hills on the Aniene River, Tivoli enjoys a cooler climate and has been a resort town for Rome’s elite for centuries. With its fair share of historical sites to visit, breathtaking views over the valley and Roman Campagna, world class cuisine and luxury hotels, a day trip from Rome to Tivoli will make anyone a very happy traveller.

The main attractions in Tivoli are its historical villas and parks. Each one is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers its own unique glimpse of history. Nestled atop a terraced hillside in Tivoli, Villa D’Este is most famous for its magnificent fountains, waterfalls and beautifully maintained gardens.

Villa Adriana is a small trip out of Tivoli, but easily reached by public transport. Described as more of a small town rather than a villa, a visit to Villa Adriana walks you through ancient Roman ruins of marble pillars and building footprints, including the main palace ruins. Note that it can be quite physically exerting visiting this villa site, especially in the hot summer months. Click here to get Villa D’Este and Villa Adriana private tour from Rome.

Finally one cannot see Tivoli without walking through Parco Villa Gregoriana, a park commissioned by the Pope in 1835 in an effort to rebuild the Aniene River bed after a devastating flood. The result is an expansive park abounding with greenery, manicured gardens, caves and cascading waterfalls.

Day Trip from Rome: Tivoli

How to Get There

It’s best to travel to Tivoli by train from Rome, which takes a short 1 hour trip for under £3. Tickets can be booked directly at the train station.



Where to Eat

But the historical villas are only part of the experience. If you’re looking to dine on arguably some of the best Italian cuisine you’ve ever tasted, then the restaurants of Tivoli are set to please. Established in 1720, Ristorante Sibilla Di La Mura Luigia is over 300 years old. Having been around for this long this restaurant knows good food and service and it does both impeccably well.The cuisine is authentic and flawless. Produce is both local and seasonal (our favorite is their ravioli). What’s more, the view here looks up at the two historical Roman villas and reaches out to surrounding waterfalls. Another great food option is Osteria la Briciola, a spot where you will find many locals dining. A small excursion out of Tivoli, 7 minutes by car, the restaurant happily arranges transportation if needed. The staff here are so good they’re worth congratulating and the traditional Italian cuisine is divine. Try the set menu option or the seafood and meat tastings.

Address: Via della Sibilla, 50, Tivoli RM, Italy

Phone: 0774 335281


Where to Stay

If you decide to stay overnight, booking accommodation in Tivoli is easy. We recommend using for the best deals. Victoria Terme Hotel is a top option. Located within Le Terme Di Roma spa park you’ll get to enjoy spa life on your stay. Or also try Hotel Torre Sant’Angelo where you’ll literally be staying in a medieval castle on the Tivoli hillside.

Victoria Terme Hotel

Address: Via Tiburtina Valeria

km 22,700 • 00011 Tivoli Terme

Phone: +39 0774 4088

Le Terme Di Roma

Address: Via Tiburtina Valeria, km 22,700, 00011 Tivoli Terme RM, Italy

Phone: +39 0774 408509

Hotel Torre Sant’Angelo

Address: Via Quintilio Varo, Tivoli RM, Italy

Phone: +39 0774 332533

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