Weekend in the Frosinate: Fiuggi and Anagni

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Celebrate wellness in these gems only an hour away from Rome

Even If you still haven’t been, I am sure you are already familiar with Fiuggi. Most likely, you have been served Fiuggi water in the iconic green glass bottles while having lunch. In fact, the city of Fiuggi is mostly known for its therapeutic waters, but it has much more to offer in terms of architecture and nature. The province of Frosinone has lots to offer and it is the perfect getaway from the hectic city life. Not only art, but also nature and personal care in a weekend between Fiuggi and Anagni. Let’s look at what is there for you to see.

Things to do in Fiuggi


Fiuggi has always been a favorite destination for many Italians, especially Romans as is it is just an hour away by car from the capital. The ancient village is built on top of a hill 750 meters high. The panorama from here is very suggestive as the horizon is signed by green hills that shelter the city from the summer heat. Walking in Fiuggi’s center is a very relaxing experience where it is possible to witness life unfolding at a different pace. As a typical medieval town, small alleys with climbing plants and steep staircases inhabited by friendly cats characterize the urban layout. Palazzo Falconi and the church of San Pietro Apostolo, both from the early 17th century, are the main architectonic attractions of the ancient medieval village, yet many are the churches found along the streets, like the one of the Beata Vergine in Campanica from 1100


After a stroll in the city center, a visit to Fiuggi’s thermal baths is a must. Remember to bring with you an empty cup from home: in the lower part of the city you can find many water fountains from which you can drink the purifying water. Around the 1950s the city waters were promoted as therapeutic nationwide, extremely increasing the popularity of the town, visited by many who wanted to take care of their health away from the cities.

natural bath in fiuggi

There are two water springs in Fiuggi: the Fonte Bonifacio VIII is the most famous one. It was originally built in the 1950s and it is now a spa with both open and closed spaces, pools, and gardens. The Fonte Anticolana is instead completely immersed in nature offering visitors the possibility to fully relax while listening to birds twitting. Both structures are open to the public, and their services can be booked online or in person. Massages, pools, and facial and body treatments. It will be hard for you to pick just one.

Things to see in Anagni


Twenty minutes away by car from Fiuggi, the old medieval town of Anagni perfectly coronates the end of a weekend in the Ciociaria area. The town has a rich medieval history as it once served as the residency of four Popes. Its architecture is indeed a reflection of the city’s ancient splendor.

Anagni Cathedral

The cathedral of Saint Mary (XI-XII) is a beautiful example of Romanic architecture in central Italy. Visiting its interiors is highly recommended: there are beautiful cosmatesque floors and frescoes all along the walls. However, without undermining the beauty of the upper cathedral, its lower crypt deserves to be mentioned for its incredibly fascinating and mysterious aura. Incredible frescoes cover the entire crypt, narrating the life of St. Magno, patron of Anagni. Dated around the XII and the XIII, the frescoes cover a total surface of 540 square metres. No doubt you will be captured by their incredibly preserved colors and compositional harmonies. 

Exploring The Lazio Region

Other places to visit in the area

When around Fiuggi and Anagni, it is worthwhile to go the Parco Naturale Regionale dei Monti Simbruini. This natural park, only few kilometers away from Fiuggi, is among the most important naturalistic areas of Lazio, characterized by woods, meadows, streams and mountains. Right in between Fiuggi and Anagni, the lake of Canterno is another nice attraction where to stop for a nice walk or a break on the way to one of the cities. 


If you are looking for a luxury stay near both towns, Casale San Pietro is what you’re looking for. It’s a luxury accommodation/agriturismo immersed in nature where you can pamper yourself or go on a few adventures, as the hosts have prepared many diverse experience packets to choose from. Or you can try Palazzo Fiuggi, a new medical retreat that also offers various tailored programs if wellness is your priority for this trip.

Unique Day Trips from Rome

How to get to Fiuggi and Anagni from Rome

The easiest way to reach the Frosinate is to drive there. Consider renting a car in Rome.

If you want to get there by public transportation, take the Roma-Napoli regional train from Rome Termini, stop at Anagni-Fiuggi; at the Anagni-Fiuggi train station, take a COTRAL bus for Fiuggi, or a Trenitalia bus for Anagni Città. Click here to buy the train ticket.

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