Natural Thermal Baths Near Rome

Natural Thermal baths near Rome

Relax Like a Roman – A Guide to Thermal Baths near Rome

In ancient Roman times, natural thermal baths served as a center for social gathering, places of well-being, and leisure centers. One of the famous being the Baths of Caracalla. Though no longer functioning as a bathhouse, this ancient Roman structure – and now tourist attraction – once housed up to 1,600 bathers and operated as a sanitation, leisure and networking waterhole for all Romans alike.

Known in Italian as, terme, thermal baths and natural springs still continue their same tradition today both in the city of Rome and just outside the city walls. The health benefits of terme are incredible, going far beyond mind and body relaxation. Depending on the thermal baths’ mineral composition, it can provide relief for a range of conditions and disorders. Specifically, the steam from the baths is especially soothing for those suffering from respiratory ailments, the heat is relieving for muscle and joint aches, and the combination of bicarbonate, sulfur and plankton is healing for the skin, our body’s largest organ. Sulfur thermal baths, which is the particular mineral found in terme near Rome, has been shown to have a sebum balancing effect on the skin, as well as relieve skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, allergies, acne and dermatitis.

For those looking to escape the busy city life of Rome, there are plenty of natural thermal baths in and nearby the city center, sure to provide you a getaway that is both relaxing and typical of Roman lifestyle and culture.

QC Terme

Via Portuense, 2178
Sun-Thu 10am-11pm, Fri-Sat 10am-12am
Entry fee €45-52

Natural Thermal baths near Rome

Located just near the airport, take some time to relax in this spa’s traditional Roman style thermal baths, in rejuvenating hot waters and steam baths. After indulging in the sanctuary’s warm waters, continue your relaxation with a selection of their spa amenities that range from massages and spa treatments for an authentically tranquil Roman experience.

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Terme di Stigliano

Via Bagni di Stigliano, 2
Daily 9am-7pm
Entry fee €12 – 18

Natural Thermal baths near Rome

About 90 minutes outside of the city center, the healing sulfuric and iodic waters of this thermal spa are worth the trip. Not only are the high mineral content waters great for your skin and health, but this thermal bath also contains healing property mud great for lathering on the face and body as a repairing skin treatment. To top off your meditative spa day, head to their Roman Steam Cave to take in its’ remedial respiratory benefits and comforting heat.

Terme di Cretone

Via dell’Acqua Solfurea
Daily 9.30am – 6.30pm
Entry fee €12-13

NaturalThermal baths near Rome

Accessible by a 45-minute car ride in the small town of Sabina, this thermal spa is situated in the midst of a lush, green oasis. Take a dip in their choice of 3 pools naturally sourced by sulfuric thermo-mineral hot springs, while enjoying the panoramic views of surrounding green, tranquil forests.

Terme di Roma – Acque Albule

Via Tiburtina Valeria
Mon – Sat 7.30am – 5pm, Sun 10am-5pm
Entry fee €14-17

Natural Thermal baths near Rome

Just under a 30-minute drive or 45-minutes by train, and you have escaped to a luxurious and soothing thermal getaway. Soak in the same silky mineral waters and rich mud as the Romans did for the perfect relief of your tensions, stresses and inflammation.

Terme dei Papi

Str. Bagni, 12, Viterbo
Daily 9am – 7pm
Entry fee €12-20

Thermal baths near Rome

A bit farther from Rome, though definitely worth the visit, this thermal bath is amongst one of the best in Italy. Spanning over 2,000 square meters, this terme includes water from the Bullicame Springs and precious, skin-soothing mud. Spend the day enjoying their natural thermal baths, in addition to their Natural Cave, which includes a Turkish bath and soothing vapors.

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