Films in English or Original Language in Rome

original language films in rome

Original language movies shown in Rome



Via Massaciuccoli, 31 (Quartiere Africano)
4 July    Allied
5 July    Animali Fantastici e dove trovarli
6 July    Animali Notturni
7 July    Arrival
8 July    Captain Fantastic
9 July    Collateral Beauty
10 July   Fast & Furious 8
11 July    Florence
12 July    Gold – la grande truffa
13 July    I Guardiani della Galassia vol. 2
14 July    I Pirati dei Caraibi: la vendetta di Salazar
15 July    Il Diritto di Contare
16 July    Il Grande Gigante Gentile
17 July    Io, Daniel Blake
18 July    Jackie
19 July    La Battaglia di Hacksaw Ridge
20 July    La Bella e La Bestia
21 July    La La Land
22 July    La ragazza del treno
23 July    Lion
24 July    Manchester by the sea
25 July    Snowden
26 July    Moonlight
27 July    Paterson
28 July    Scappa – Get Out
29 July    Sing
30 July    Split
31 July    Star Wars: Rogue One
1 August    Sully
2 August    The Circle
3 August    The Dinner
4 August    The Founder
5 August    United Kingdom
6 August    Wonder Woman


Vicolo Moroni, 3 (Trastevere)
4 July   Star Wars: Rogue One
5 July    Il Diritto di Contare
6 July    Manchester by the sea
7 July    Il Grande Gigante Gentile
8 July    The Dinner
9 July    Moonlight
10 July    Sing
11 July    Arrival
12 July    Sully
13 July    La Bella e La Bestia
14 July    Paterson
15 July    Lion
16 July    I Pirati dei Caraibi: la vendetta di Salazar
17 July    Io, Daniel Blake
18 July    Collateral Beauty
19 July    The Founder
20 July    Florence
21 July    The Circle
22 July    Animali Fantastici e dove trovarli
23 July    La ragazza del treno
24 July    Allied
25 July    Fast and Furious 8
26 July    La La Land
27 July    Jackie
28 July    Captain Fantastic
29 July    I Guardiani della Galassia vol. 2
30 July    Gold – la grande truffa
31 July    La Battaglia di Hacksaw Ridge
1 August   Animali Notturni
2 August    Split
3 August    United Kingdom
4 August    Scappa – Get Out
5 August    Snowden
6 August    Wonder Woman


Via Leonida Bissolati, 43 (Barberini/Veneto)


Piazza Stefano Jacini, 22 (Corso Francia)


Via in Lucina, 16 (Via del Corso)

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  • Wow what happened to all the options for original language? There’s only three cinemas left in all of Rome? 🙁 Sad. Thanks for the heads up. Just moved from Barcelona and I’m pretty underwhelmed with the lack of original language showings.

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