Ciampini Ristrot & Bio Pizzeria

At the Ciampini Bistrot, a dedication to quality and the Italian culinary tradition runs in the family – four generations of family. Although Ciampini is known for its long history as a gathering place in the historic center (it also has some of the best gelato in Rome) the Bistrot has an edgier feel- influenced by the new generation’s innovative spirit.

Ciampini Ristrot & Bio PizzeriaCiampini Ristrot & Bio Pizzeria Ciampini Ristrot & Bio Pizzeria

This innovation comes in the form of their signature gourmet focacce and pizzas specially designed by food biologists. The dough is made with four types of stoneground flour, and rises completely before it is prepared making it easily digestible and light. In addition to carefully preparing the dough, Ciampini also uses the best locally-sourced organic ingredients. The pizza and focacce have been created with the minimum amount of fat, without compromising the great taste Ciampini is known for. That’s right, a healthy pizza.

Ciampini Ristrot & Bio Pizzeria

The interior is beautifully designed, with mirrored walls, leather booths, bookshelves and a classic bar at the back cozy, yet cool vintage feel. At dinner-time, the outdoor tables that wrap around the corners of the angular restaurant come alive, and provide the perfect central meeting point for friends to gather and enjoy artisanal beers and on one-of-a-kind pizza.

Reservations are recommended, especially on Sunday night when locals flock there for their weekly pizza dinner ritual. In the spirit of modernity, the Bistrot also does take-away and delivery.

Ciampini Ristrot & Bio Pizzeria

59, 00186 Roma, Italia


Via della Fontanella Borghese, 59 (Centro Storico)

Opening time

Mon-Sun 9:30-11:30pm

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