Il Marchese: a Cosmopolitan Restaurant & Cocktail Bar in Rome


Meet il Marchese, Europe’s first amaro bar & Roman trattoria in Rome’s centro storico

Il Marchese unites the best of two worlds: a bar with elegant French salon accents, pompous chandeliers, and a restaurant with the coziness of a Roman trattoria. But it’s not just the décor that’s impressive. When you walk into Il Marchese you step inside Europe’s first Amaro bar with more than 500 different Amaro labels.

During the recent G20 in Rome, Il Marchese had two special customers: the American First Lady Jill Biden and the French Première Dame Brigitte Macron. The two ladies said they were “delighted with the lovely welcome”, complimenting the staff and the quality of the products.


ll Marchese takes its name from the Marchese del Grillo, a symbol of Rome’s inimitable spirit– a true gentleman, but always inclined to irony, a lover of tradition, but also appreciated by those who come from different cultures. Since 2022, Il Marchese is bringing its philosophy and style to Milan (

Cocktail bar

The amaro and cocktail bar at Il Marchese pays tribute to the elegance of 19th-century French aristocracy, with precious stuccoes, wallpapers, and velvets.

The cocktails here are perfect for an after-dinner drink or as an aperitif. Each signature drink is crafted with premium ingredients expertly mixed. Leading the cocktail bar is Fabrizio Valeriani, a bartender with extensive experience.

The cocktail bar at Il Marchese offers a blend of classic and experimental mixology, combining flavors that complement the cuisine, including unusual ingredients. The menu is divided into 3 chapters: one dedicated to Spritz, another focused on the Americano, and a collection of all the signature cocktails of Il Marchese.

We recommend you take a look at the Specials, which are off-menu twists on classics thought up by Fabrizio. Among these is the French Cordusio, with Gin Sabatini Cordusio, Amaro Erbe Amare, and Franciacorta. Don’t miss the Paloma Cavour, with tequila, mezcal, amaro and rosemary syrup.

Il Marchese is also the first Amaro Bar in Europe offering more than six hundred labels, both Italian and international.

Il Marchese: Via di Ripetta's Cocktail & Amaro Bar

A refined Roman trattoria

At Il Marchese, with Chef Daniele Roppo, you’re sure to have a fantastic dining experience. The culinary philosophy has strong Roman roots and is inspired by traditional recipes that are lightened according to a contemporary taste, also offering vegetarian dishes.

Quality is always a priority. Ingredients are purchased from local producers, i.e. the guanciale is from Re Norcino, a producer from Ascoli Piceno who has won several awards over the years, and pecorino cheese is from Cibaria.

Among the starters, don’t miss on the Bollito croquette with green sauce, a Roman dish and recipe from Roppo’s grandmother. The first courses at Il Marchese are a tribute to authenticity with the “Roman poker” of Carbonara, Amatriciana, Gricia, and Cacio e pepe. Don’t miss the Citrus Risotto with tuna tartare, pistachio, and teriyaki.

Among the second courses, we find some iconic dishes, such as Veal Fillet as saltimbocca, a veal fillet with sage and ham following the Roman saltimbocca recipe, and Lamb Meatball “alla scottadito”, where the taste of grilled lamb is reproduced in a soft version without losing any of its original delicious flavor. For those looking for a colorful but light meal, there are also salads, such as Caesar or Rocket, strawberries, balsamic glaze, and fresh cheese.

Desserts are tempting, all homemade: ranging from the great classic of Italian pastry, Tiramisu, offered in both traditional and pistachio versions, to cheesecake, and Dark chocolate and raspberry mousse.


But how can you describe Il Marchese? After all, it’s a mix of Roman recipes with a contemporary twist and countless Amaro labels. It’s a locale with two souls, a way of mixing the past with the present, a new way of spending time together in contemporary Rome, seven days out of seven, from 12.30pm till 2am. Il Marchese is a place that puts together some of the best life has to offer: quality food, quality drinks and quality people, all day long.


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    Via di Ripetta 162, Roma, Lazio, Italia


    Via di Ripetta, 162 (centro storico)

    Opening times

    Daily 12:30pm – 2am




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    Enjoy your mixology experience in Rome’s historic centre and learn how to prepare the most famous Italian cocktails: Spritz and Negroni. Next to that, our bartender will explain how to pair these drinks with food. Want to learn more? Get your answers in a cool atmosphere at Il Marchese while sipping on your own handmade Negroni and enjoying an italian aperitivo.

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