Coaster – Coworking in Rome

Coaster Coworking in Rome

The First Coworking Dedicated to Bizmatching Launches in Rome

Open in Rome since November is “COASTER,” the first bizmatching space in Italy, a coworking office with a little something extra: entrepreneurs and freelancers can get concrete work opportunities. And cappuccinos.

The evolution of coworking has officially begun in Rome with bizmatching, a brand new approach to workspaces, where companies and freelancers can find not only workstations but also concrete projects to work on.

Coaster Coworking in Rome

The concept comes from the experience of COASTER’s founders, Eleonora Dusi and Vincenzo Bruno: after four years as the managers of another co-working space, they realized that sharing a traditional coworking office isn’t always conducive to meaningful and productive collaborations. Interactions with fellow co-workers are usually brief and impromptu, and potential networking opportunities are missed.

COASTER, on the other hand, offers not just physical workspaces but also work opportunities to its coworkers, in a sort of business matchmaking. Managers give co-workers, either alone or in teams, the chance to become a part of projects commissioned by their own clients. They also organize training and information sessions.

COASTER’s co-working area available through a membership, and is open to professionals, freelancers, and businesses. Dubbed a “coffice,” the space can be utilized as a cafe, with coffee, pastries and more available. Workers food and beverage is covered with the fee of the time they spend in the cafe, which boasts fibreoptic internet, shared printers, and everything else you’d find in a traditional office.

The space is also available for events, conferences, and meetings in the evenings and during the weekends.

Coaster Coworking in Rome

14, 00192 Roma, Italia


Via Caio Mario, 14B (Prati)

Metro Ottaviano/San Pietro

Opening Times

Open from 8.30am-8.30pm, Sat 9.30am-1.30pm.


T. 06.96527893

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