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best coworking spaces in rome

Find both your focus zone and creative groove at one of Rome’s many coworking spaces

Calling all digital nomads, students, and working professionals on the go: Romeing pinpoints some of the best coworking spaces to make your workday in the Eternal City feel anything but unending. Whether a floating desk, private meeting room, or terrace table, Rome offers space for everyone to network, collaborate, and get down to business.

Rome’s Best Places to Smart Work and Study

Pick center

Via Boezio, 4c (Prati)
Day pass €25/day, Mini meeting room €5/hour, Maxi meeting room €55/2 hours, Large meeting room €65/2 hours, Shared nomad location €190/month, Reserved resident location €240/month, Reserved office €400/month


Just north of Castel Sant’Angelo lies Pick Center, a coworking site in the Prati district of Rome. Pick Center is your home away from home; it promotes both comfort and focus for innovative collaborations and connections among professionals, freelancers, and companies. Choose between nomad and resident stations to best suit your working style. When you need a break, try your hand at foosball, grab an espresso at the cafe, or take Fido for a walk–yes, Pick Center is pet friendly!

Lab 174

Via Pietro Borsieri, 14 (Prati)
Half day €10, Full day €18, Full time weekly pass €80, Full time monthly pass €280

Easily accessible by public transport in the Prati district, Lab 174 offers a stimulating atmosphere for creative professionals. This multipurpose facility is equipped with stress-free and collaborative spaces, including desks, meeting rooms, event and exhibition spaces, and a showroom. Its central location in the city and flexible working options allows for maximal cultural and creative networking. Whether in the area for a day, a week, or a month, Lab 174 has a plan for you. As they say at Lab 174, working (alone) sucks.

Industrie Fluviali

Via del Porto Fluviale, 35 (Ostiense)
Coffices €3 for the 1st hour, €2 for each additional hour; Ufficio Virtuale Plus €300/month + VAT; Dedicated desks start at 300/month + VAT; Private offices start at €1100/month + VAT. Prices for Ufficio Virtuale, Private offices and dedicated desk are on annual basis contracts.

Originally a wool-washing factory in the early 1900s, Industrie Fluviali is now a modern, functional, and completely accessible space to meet any of your coworking needs. It boasts nine offices of different sizes, dedicated and private desks, virtual offices, and a conference room and hall, characterized by clean lines and charming pops of color to keep the creative juices flowing throughout the workday. And if the atmosphere isn’t enough of an energy boost, you can help yourself to coffee, tea, water, and food from the bistrot. Open to all creatives, professionals, startups, and companies, cultural, social, and technological innovation is the name of the game at Industrie Fluviali.

Ala/34 Coworking & Accelerator

Via di Affogalasino, 34 (Portuense)
Shared workstation €20/day, Small meeting room €25–100/day, Large meeting room €50–150/day, Extra meeting room €70–250/day

ala_34 rome

Entrepreneurs, professionals, and freelancers from all industries are welcomed by Alì, the mascot at Ala/34. The modern warehouse-style building is split among 16 shared workstations, five private offices, three meeting rooms, and a ping pong table. Yes, you read that right. Ala/34 is all about cultivating new relationships and opportunities with an emphasis on collaboration over competition (even when it comes to ping pong). Sign up for their three-day free trial to test it out for yourself!

Co.De. – Coworking Roma Colosseo

Via dei SS. Quattro, 90 (Centro storico)
Meeting room €20/hour, Shared space day pass €25, Shared space 10-day pass €180, Shared space 1-week pass €120, Shared space 1-month pass €427, Private space day pass €30, Private 1-week pass €180, Private 1-month pass €480

Two blocks from the Colosseum sits Co.De., a turquoise-toned modern space for work, but with vacation vibes that lend an atmosphere ideal for sharing ideas and discussion. Fully equipped work stations, a meeting room, a studio, and sale point give seasoned and aspiring professionals alike opportunities for learning and networking. Co.De. aims to set every entrepreneur up for success by providing the tools they need to get the job done.

Spazio Concrete Coworking

Via Romanello da Forlì, 25 (Pigneto)
Starting at €11

Keep calm and cowork at Spazio Concrete! This space in Pigneto is part of a network of coworking locations throughout Rome and promotes a sharing economy. Located near a metro stop, this 24-hour coworking site organizes educational and creative events and offers catering on request. Its 18 mobile workstations throughout the modern and open floor plan allow you to take your work on the go. And Spazio Concrete doesn’t stop there, either; make the terrace your “breakout room” when you need a new, inspirational view.


Via Giuseppe Libetta, 15C (Ostiense)
Daily pass €15/day, Normal individual space €200/month, Large individual space €250/month, Large shared space €350/month

Nestled in the former industrial zone of Ostiense, Cowall is all about balance. Knowledge and practice, freedom and organization, sharing and listening, and professional and creative relationships combine to form Cowall’s culture of creativity. This space offers 24-hour access and encourages participation in workspaces, the kitchen, and the relaxation corner alike. Cowall is unique to welcome not only people, but also pets, into its space. It’s bring-your-pet-to-work day every day!

Wire Coworking

Via Baccio Baldini, 12 (Gianicolense)
Day pass €25/day, Flexible desk plan €200/month, Dedicated desk plan €300/month, Private office plan €450/month

wirecoworking rome

A day at the office doesn’t have to mean all work and no play at Wire Coworking in Ostiense. Live, work, and play is their motto, where an open space environment is designed to foster relational and personal wellbeing. Wire makes sure you maintain that work-life balance by offering yoga, a gym, a Playstation room, a games room, and a relaxation area. Pick-me-ups wait for you at the coffee bar and fully equipped kitchen for when you’re ready to hit the books again. And don’t worry about finding a sitter for the kids while you work! Wire hosts a kids room with full visibility from anywhere in the building so you can keep up the good work while saving money. Book a tour to check it out!

Famo cose

Via Caltanisetta, 26 (Pigneto)
Annual subscription €10/year, €25/day, 10 daily accesses €150, 20 daily accesses €280, Two separate monthly plans at €150/month and €250/month

Consider Famo Cose your toolbox for success. Famo Cose is the “makerspace” for creating new opportunities, experimenting, sharing, and learning. This coworking site provides the heavy-duty tools for professionals to develop their own projects, including plotters, 3D printers and scanners, painting, laser cutters, and carpentry and electronic tools. Choose from a variety of plans to build your micro-enterprise or startup at your own pace. Happy making!

Office Jam

Via Salento, 63 (Nomentana)
Daily or monthly flex desks starting at €30, Classrooms and meeting rooms €25/hour or €180/day, Event spaces €50/hour or €400/day, Private reserved desk stations €250, Private offices starting at €1200

Avoid the traffic jam of buses and motorcycles on the commute to work and take the train instead to OfficeJam near the Tiburtina station. This coworking space hosts enterprises, startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers with an emphasis on innovation, team building, productivity, cooperation, and flexibility. With an open floor plan comes an open mind; let yourself be carefree yet dedicated, whether you’re in your private office or at your flex desk, attending a training course or an event, or having a photoshoot in the video room or shooting your shot at the pool table.


Hotel Etico Rome

Via Pisanelli, 39 (Flaminio)
Floating station €4/2 hours, €8/4 hours, €12/8 hours

Hotel Etico Rome offers the best of both worlds with hotel and business services combined. Modern office spaces, private meeting rooms, and outdoor space host collaborations with universities, startups, cultural associations, companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. Floating stations at the hotel are a steal with coffee included. Private spaces are also available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for short and long term travelers. Hotel Etico Rome makes it easy to book a coworking space and a room at the same time, too–a package deal!

The Hoxton, Rome

Largo Benedetto Marcello, 220 (Parioli)
Lobby: No cost or reservation required, L’Appartamento: €400/one room–€2500/all rooms


The Hoxton Rome is situated in a hub of nature and art; Villa Borghese, Parco di Villa Ada, the National Gallery of Modern Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art are all within walking distance and offer inspiration for the worker on the go. Hoxton’s lobby includes common table and sofa seating for all guests to use as a coworking space. For a more private location for meetings and coworking, head downstairs to L’Appartamento, which is home to five rooms and a communal pantry, snacks and refreshments included.

Elio Restaurant at The Hoxton Rome: Conviviality Italian-Style

The Beehive

Via Marghera, 8 (Termini)
No extra fee for coworking space beyond cost for hostel

thebeehive rome

For an artsy and relaxed feel, The Beehive offers an inclusive environment for coworking in the outdoor garden. This hostel is not your typical coworking space, but it is charming and welcoming for students especially. The Beehive is just a short walk from the Termini train station, and with so many folks passing through, the place buzzes with innovation and creativity. Snack on a homemade cacio e pepe bagel while you work!

A guide to the best hostels in Rome

Yellow Square

Via Palestro, 51 (Termini)
Fixed station is free for hostel guests, Half day €15, Full day €20, Monthly pass €250, 6-month subscription €230/month

Yellow Square doesn’t sacrifice fun and spunk for networking and collaboration. Within the hostel, a designated “SmartSquare” space hosts a vibrant community of people on the move. This coworking space can be used for anything from your typical presentation to an unconventional cooking class, and it’s conveniently situated next to the kitchen for snack breaks. Yellow Square is an ideal place to meet other people and forge connections in a light hearted environment.

Mama Shelter

Via Luigi Rizzo, 20 (Vatican area)
Starting at €15/day


Leave it to Mama on this one! Located northwest of Vatican City, Mama Shelter offers adaptable and modular meeting spaces for all of your coworking needs. The Winter Garden and the Pizzeria offer individualized coworking opportunities. Bonus: unlimited coffee, water, and snacks from the kitchen, plus a 20 percent discount on lunch. For groups, five flexible work zones called Atelier combine work, party, and play. Use Mama Shelter’s online Atelier comparison tool to see which space best suits you!

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