“How to survive in Italy”: the not-to-miss Friday Night Comedy Show

"How to survive in Italy" Comedy Show in Rome

Friday nights with Fabrizio Mazzeo and Sergio Viglianese “How to Survive in Italy”–the first comedy show in Rome entirely in English that describes Italians’ flaws and virtues!

If you’re new in town and looking for something to do on a Friday night, you won’t find a better way to spend your time than with Fabrizio Mazzeo and Sergio Viglianese at the Teatro Flaiano. This expert duo of entertainers will lead you through an exciting evening full of laughter with their show, “How to Survive in Italy”. Along the way, you will get some truly excellent tips for how to successfully navigate Italian culture as you enjoy your time in Italy

"How to survive in Italy" Comedy Show in Rome

Mazzeo and Vilgianese are fantastic, compelling, comedians. Without giving too much away, their routine is expertly crafted. Their humor has such an improvisational feel, you may find yourself wondering if they have a script at all and if you are in fact watching two good friends have a compelling conversation. However, with their snappy yet deliberate pacing, you can rest assured that they know where they are taking you throughout the night. The performance feels loose, almost conversational, but this snappy pacing means they always hit their marks. Their routine has that authentic feeling that is essential to comedy.

"How to survive in Italy" Comedy Show in Rome

Importantly, you can tell they are having fun as well. In fact, sometimes it seems as though they are not just performing you, but trying to make each other laugh. They have fun, you will have fun, and you will have fun watching them have fun. Through their interactions with you as well as each other, you will quickly warm up to their performance and soon find yourself entertained by their outrageous antics. 

"How to survive in Italy" Comedy Show in Rome

Their humor is exciting, and yet sometimes self-deprecating. They send up Italy, the quirks of Italian culture, and possibly even your home country (all in good fun of course). As a traveller you will no doubt appreciate this as the cultural differences the duo highlights are the things that make every culture unique.

The venue itself adds to the liveliness of the evening as well. The Teatro Flaiano is a cute, authentic feeling venue tucked away, just a few steps away from Piazza Venezia. It’s the kind of theater that is getting harder and harder to find in the modern world, and though it is approaching 100 years old, it still feels new and modern. The word “timeless” is appropriate here.

"How to survive in Italy" Comedy Show in Rome

Any Friday, you know there is always a place you can go to forget about your day to day stresses, laugh, and maybe even learn a little. Fabrizio Mazzeo and Sergio Viglianese’s “How to Survive in Italy” is a perfect way to spend an evening in Rome.


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Via di Santo Stefano del Cacco, 17 (Largo di Torre Argentina)

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Fridays at 6pm

Ticket: €25

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