Viaggio nei Fori

A Journey Through History at Forum of Augustus and Caesar

The marble blocks still visible in the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar are the starting point for a fascinating tour in discovery of magnificent archaeological sites and a temple that was at the heart of events in Ancient Rome. A tour created by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano. Visitors will have the chance to see two exciting portrayals of life in Ancient Rome, reconstructed within the Imperial Fora using light, images, film and animation.


The Forum of Augustus is composed of newly reconstructed pathways that tell the story of Augustus’ reign during Rome’s period of imperial expansion; a thrilling representation which combines historical and scientific rigor with entertainment.

Visitors will stand on a flight of Roman stairs to watch a multimedia show portraying the history of the Forum and temple dedicated to Mars Ultor, commissioned by Augustus in memory of Julius Caesar. It was a temple that stood nine floors high and towered over the Forum of Augustus; access was via the halls of the courthouse. The tale also touches on the figure of Augustus, whose giant statue, a good 12 metres tall, dominated the area next to the temple.

Viaggio nei Fori
Photo: Andrea Franceschini
Viaggio nei Fori
Photo: Andrea Franceschini


The Forum of Caesar features never-before-seen areas of Rome’s Imperial Forums with access to recent excavations.  In this part of the tour, visitors walk within the Forum itself and among the marble that remains of this enormous piazza, which at the time was surrounded by majestic colonnades and overshadowed by the imposing temple of Venus Genetrix. The tour explores the role of the Forum in the lives of the Roman people and the figure of Julius Caesar, an intelligent and ambitious man, idolised by some but hated and feared by others.

Viaggio nei Fori

Both projects open on April 17, and supplementary audio systems in eight different languages provide further information about the historic pathways through the narration of Piero Angela. Look no further than the ruins, to better experience the art, technology and culture of ancient Roman civilization.

From 17 April – 3 November 2019


Forum of Caesar (50 minutes):

Foro di Traiano next to Trajan’s Column

Every night from 8.20pm – 10.20pm, Saturdays 8.20pm – 10.40pm (April – closed 19 April) / Every night 8.40pm – 11pm, Saturdays 8.40pm – 11.20pm  (May) / from 9pm – 11.40pm (June/July) / from 8.40pm – 11.40pm (August) / Sunday to Friday from 8pm – 11pm, Saturday 8pm – 11.20pm (September) / from 7pm-10.20pm (October- November)

Shows every: 20 minutes


Forum of Augustus (40 minutes):

Fori Imperiali – Via Alessandrina, Largo Corrado Ricci side

Every night, 8.20pm; 9.20pm; 10.20pm (April – closed April 19) / 9pm; 10pm; 11pm (1 May to 31 August); 9pm; 10pm; 11pm (September); 8pm; 9pm; 10pm (October); 7pm; 8pm; 9pm (November);

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