Viaggio nei Fori – Multimedia show at the Roman Forum

Viaggio nei Fori - Multimedia show at the Forum of Augustus

A Journey Through History at the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar

The marble blocks still visible in the Forum of Augustus and the Forum of Caesar are the starting point for a fascinating tour in discovery of magnificent archaeological sites and a temple that was at the heart of events in Ancient Rome. A tour created by Piero Angela and Paco Lanciano. Visitors will have the chance to see two exciting portrayals of life in Ancient Rome, reconstructed within the Imperial Fora using light, images, film and animation.

The two shows – which can be enjoyed through audio headphones with listening in 8 languages (Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Japanese) – have different modes of use. For the “Forum of Augustus,” there are three replicas every evening (duration 40 minutes) while the “Forum of Caesar” is accessible every 20 minutes (itinerant route in four stages, for a total duration of about 50 minutes, including travel times).


You can watch the show at the Forum of Augustus sitting on the stands set up along via Alessandrina. Through a multi-projection of lights, images, films and animations, Piero Angela’s story focuses on the figure of Augustus, whose gigantic statue, 12 meters high, was kept next to the temple dedicated to Mars Ultor. With Augustus, Rome inaugurated a new period in its history: the imperial age was, in fact, that of the great rise which in the space of just over a century, led Rome to reign over an empire that extended from present-day England to the borders of present-day Iraq. These conquests led to the expansion not only of an empire, but also of a great civilization made up of rich culture, law, and art. In all areas of the Empire, traces of that past still remain today, seen through amphitheaters, spas, libraries, temples, streets.

After Augustus, moreover, other emperors such as Nerva and Traiano left their mark in the Imperial Forums by building their own Forum. Rome at that time had more than a million inhabitants: no city in the world had ever had a population of such proportions. It was the great metropolis of antiquity: the capital of economy, law, power and entertainment.

Viaggio nei Fori - Multimedia show at the Forum of Augustus
viaggio nei fori


The show inside the Forum of Caesar is itinerant. It is accessed from the staircase located next to the Trajan’s Column and then crosses the Trajan’s Forum on a specially built walkway. Through the underground gallery of the Imperial Forums you then reach the Forum of Caesar and continue as far as the Roman Curia.

The story of Piero Angela, accompanied by reconstructions and films, starts from the history of the excavations carried out between 1924 and 1932 for the construction of the then Via dell’Impero (today Via dei Fori Imperiali). When an army of 1500 masons, unskilled workers and laborers were mobilized for an unprecedented operation, they razed an entire neighborhood and dug the whole area deeply, in order to reach the level of ancient Rome. From there, you enter the heart of history: starting from the remains of the majestic Temple of Venus, which was wanted by Julius Caesar after the victory over Pompey. The experience relives the emotion of the life of the time in Rome, when officials, plebeians, soldiers, matrons, consuls, and senators strolled under the arcades of the Forum. Among the remaining colonnades, the tabernas of ancient times reappear– that is the offices and shops of the Forum and, among these, the shop of a nummulario , a sort of exchange office of the time. At that time there was also a large public toilet of which curious remains have withstood time. To build his Forum, Julius Caesar had an entire neighborhood expropriated and demolished for a total cost of 100 million golds, the equivalent of at least 300 million euros. Next to the Forum, he had the Curia built, the new seat of the Roman Senate, a building that still exists and that through a virtual reconstruction is possible to see how it looked at the time.

In those years, while the power of Rome grew dramatically, the Senate had weakened. It was precisely in this situation of internal crisis that Caesar managed to obtain exceptional and perpetual powers. Thanks to the story of Piero Angela it will be possible to get to know this intelligent and ambitious man more closely; a man idolized by some, hated and feared by others.

Viaggio nei Fori

10 June – 2 October 2022

Forum of Augustus (40 minutes):

Fori Imperiali – Via Alessandrina, Largo Corrado Ricci side

Opening times:

From 10 June to 31 July: everyday at 21.15 – 22.15 – 23.15
From 1 – 31 August: everyday at 21.00 – 22.00 – 23.00
From 1 September to 2 October: everyday at 20.15 – 21.15 – 22.15
In case of rain, the shows are suspended.

Maximum 188 seats per show

Tickets: €10 – 15 (combined €25)

Forum of Caesar (50 minutes):

Trajan’s Column

Opening times:

From 10 June to 31 July: everyday from 21.00 to 23.00 (every 20 minutes)
From 1 – 31 August: everyday from 20.40 to 23.00 (every 20 minutes)
From 1 September to 2 October: everyday from 20.00 to 22.20 (every 20 minutes)
In case of rain, the shows are suspended.

Maximum 50 seats per show

Tickets: €10 – 15 (combined €25)

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