The Orange Garden of Rome

The Orange Garden or Giardino degli Aranci in Rome

Exploring the Most Romantic Garden in Rome

The Orange Garden (otherwise known as Parco Savello) is certainly one of the most evocative and romantic places in Rome, thanks to its enviable position. The gaze ranges from the Tiber to the Temples of the Forum Boarium, from Santa Maria in Cosmedin, to the Janiculum and St.Peter’s dome.

The fountain at the entrance in Piazza Pietro D’Illiria

There is a Giacomo della Porta’s beautiful fountain at the entrance,  with a grotesque mask made of a Roman granite thermal bath, with a travertine border.

the view from Rome's Orange Garden or Giardino degli Aranci
What a view!

Oooh if this garden could speak, I’m sure there’d be plenty of passionate stories to tell! On any given weekend, it’s not uncommon to see a slew of couples and newlyweds posing for photographers to capture that picture-perfect moment. And really, who could blame them? The beautiful garden scented with the perfume of oranges boasts one of the best views of the Roman skyline and a favorite spot to watch the sunset. Just grab a spot on the cute little terrace looking down over the Tiber River and watch the sun set over St. Peter’s Dome. This lovely little spot is definitely a favourite among Romans. It’s the perfect place to steal a bacio or two.

The Orange Garden or Giardino degli Aranci in Rome

The garden is also right next door to Basilica di Santa Sabina and the Keyhole of the Knights of Malta.


Piazza Pietro d’Illiria

Opening hour


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