Italy’s phase two: coexisting with the coronavirus

Italy’s Prime Minister outlines lockdown easing measures

In a press conference yesterday evening, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced the measures that will be adopted in Italy’s phase two against the coronavirus, after almost two months of lockdown. These new measures are to be in place from May 4th till May 18th. Click here to see the Official Guidelines From May 18th.

Before unveiling the plan, Premier Giuseppe Conte underlined that in this second phase, “the responsible conduct of every one of us will be fundamentally important. One must never get too close, the safety distance must be at least one meter. If we do not abide by the precautions, the infection curve will go back up, deaths will increase and we will have irreversible damage to our economy.” He concluded by saying that “if you love Italy, keep your distance.”

Therefore, in Italy’s phase two lockdown exit plan, it is even more essential that we all do our part and act responsibly. Let’s see what Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said last night and what’s Italy’s plan for life after Covid-19.


What happens if the infection curve rises?

It’s possible that the infection curve will rise again, in that case restrictions could be reintroduced.

How will the infection curve be monitored?

The Ministry of Health will indicate threshold values that will be monitored regionally in order to maintain the situation under control.

Social distancing

At any given time, there must always be at least a meter’s distance between you and others. This applies to family contexts, too: experts have said that one out of four cases of infection occurs in family contexts.

Face masks

It is mandatory to wear face masks in closed space accessible by the public, including public transportation. The price of face masks will be regulated by the government. Medical face masks will cost €0.50 and vat won’t be applied.


Parties and gatherings in public or private spaces are still prohibited. In the second phase of the lockdown it’s still not possible to visit friends.


Till May 18th, movement within regions is still restricted to “proven reasons”. This includes proven work reasons, health and family emergencies and a new addition: visiting relatives within regions, as long as face masks are worn. Restrictions on traveling between different regions are still in place. It is only possible to travel between different regions for work, health and other emergency reasons.

Fever & other symptoms

If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or a fever above 37.5°C you must stay at home and call your doctor.

Parks and public gardens

Parks and public gardens will reopen from May 4th. Social distancing must always be respected and access to parks and public gardens will be for a limited number of people. It is up to individual municipalities to eventually close access to areas where it’s not possible to verify social distancing measures.

Sport training / work outs

You may leave your home to work out, as long as you maintain a safety distance of two meters. Individual training sessions for professional athletes are allowed as long as athletes maintain a safety distance of two meters, they practice behind closed doors and without gatherings. While training for team sports will be allowed from May 18th. The government is also reevaluating the resumption of sports championships, only in the event that safety measures can be guaranteed.

Restaurants / Bars

In addition to home delivery, takeaway is now also allowed–you have to go in one at a time, maintain the safety distance and consume your food at home. If the infection curve does not rise, restaurants and bars might reopen on June 1st.


Funeral ceremonies may be held only amongst relatives and with a maximum of 15 participants. Wearing face masks is mandatory and the safety distance must always be kept.

Factories and manufacturing companies

Factories, manufacturing, construction companies and construction sites will reopen from May 4th, but they will have to comply with safety protocols. All workplaces must comply with this protocol.

Public transportation

Public transportation will continue to run on limited services and face masks are mandatory.

Self-certified form:

The self-certification will remain in force as long as travel restrictions are necessary. Click here for phase two self-certified form.

Schools and Universities

Schools and universities will remain closed till the end of the school year.

Museums, galleries, libraries and shops

Museums, galleries, libraries and shops will reopen on May 18th.

Wellness centers and hairdressers

Based on the infection curve, wellness centers and hairdressers might reopen on June 1st.

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