Covid-19 Phase Two: FAQs

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Coronavirus, when is it mandatory to wear a face mask? Are there limits to walks and work-outs (and bike riding)? What about friends? Here’s the answers to all your doubts regarding May 4th

After two months of lockdown and isolation in our homes, Monday, May 4th, phase two kicks off and with it, the coronavirus lockdown easing measures. Let’s take a look at the FAQs regarding this second phase in Italy.


face mask

Is it mandatory to wear face masks?

Not always.

It is mandatory to wear face masks in closed spaces accessible to the public, including public transportation and in all shops and grocery stores, except for children under six years of age. Face masks won’t be mandatory to work out or to walk on the street. In Rome and in the Lazio region, they must be worn for any outdoor encounter: if you are talking to someone you must wear the face mask and must be at least a meter’s distance from one another.


Can I visit someone?

Yes, but with limits.

You may exclusively visit your congiunti (see the next FAQ), which fall under the category of movements for “necessità” or necessity. However, it is strongly recommended to limit meetings with non-cohabitants as this increases the risk of infection. During these meetings the following measures must be respected: the ban on gatherings, the social distancing of at least one meter and the obligation to use masks for the protection of your respiratory tracts.

Who are the “congiunti” with whom you are legally allowed to meet?

Yes, you can meet your boyfriend/girlfriend

The congiunti are spouses, cohabiting partners, civil union partners, people who are linked by a stable emotional bond (boyfriend/girlfriend), as well as relatives up to the sixth degree and kinships up to the fourth degree.

Can I meet with a friend?


Friendships do not fall into the category of “congiunti”, therefore visiting a friend is not allowed.


Can I leave the house to take a walk?

Only if necessary to make a movement that is justified by one of the reasons.

You can leave the house only for work reasons, health reasons and necessity. Visiting “congiunti” falls under the category of necessity, as do movements to purchase from shops, grocery stores, newsstands, pharmacies, libraries, children shops, tabacchi, and bars and restaurants that allow takeaway, as well as working out.


Am I allowed to work out or do sports?

Yes, but with limits.

You may leave your home to work out, as long as sports and work-outs are carried out individually (unless you work-out with a person you live with, in that case you can work-out together). From May 4th, outdoor sports and work-outs will be allowed to be carried out not only in the vicinity of your home but in other areas, too. The presence of an accompanying person for minors and for people that are not self-sufficient will be possible. It’s mandatory to respect at least a two meters distance if you’re carrying out sports, and a distance of one meter if you’re working out. In any case, gatherings are prohibited.

In order to carry out physical exercises and sports, you’re allowed to use public and private transportation to reach the place where you’re going to carry out these activities.


May I go to the park?


From May 4th parks, villas and public gardens will reopen in Rome. Walks at the park are allowed as long as there’s always at least a meter’s distance between you and others. Likewise for sport activities, but in this case there must be at least a two-meter distance. In any case, any form of gatherings are banned: no picnics, no use of sports equipment or games and group activities.

bus stop

Public and private transportation, buses and metros in Rome

Buses and metros will be running till 11.30pm each day. Wearing face masks is mandatory, social distancing must be respected, there will be a 50% reduced seating and standing capacity on all public transportation, and there will be marked seating and sanitising dispensers at ticket offices.


Private transportation

Movements by people in the same family unit are allowed. Multiple passengers can use cars, only if the minimum distance of one meter is respected. Social distancing in cars does not apply to family units / people living together. For those that do not live together, only two people per vehicle are allowed (including the driver). The second passenger must sit in the rear seat behind the driver seat.


Opening hours of grocery stores and shops

Grocery stores go back to their regular hours: they will close at 9.30pm to guarantee more time for customers and avoid the risk of gatherings.

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