Largo Argentina Archeological Site in Rome Opens Its Doors to Visitors for the First Time


The Roman ruins of Largo Argentina, famed for being the site of Julius Caesar’s assassination, can be visited at ground-level for the first time beginning June 20, 2023

Have you ever wanted to stand in the same place where Julius Caesar was famously stabbed to death and possibly befriend a cat at the same time? Beginning June 20, 2023, the city of Rome opened the Largo Argentina archeological site (which also houses a famous cat sanctuary) to the public for visitation. Thanks to the patronage of luxury retailer Bvlgari, visitors can descend to the level of the ruins for the first time and immerse themselves in the remains of four Ancient Roman temples at the site.


Prior to this initiative, visitors could only look down at the ruins from the surrounding area behind barriers. Now, one can walk next to the Curia of Pompey, site of the infamous Ides of March which led to Julius Caesar’s murder by a group of conspiring nobles at the Roman Senate in 44 BC. During certain times of day, it is also possible to spot some of the cats that live at the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary sunning themselves on old marble columns from Ancient Rome.

The goal of Bulgari and the city of Rome was to make the site accessible to all visitors on a more personal level. Visitors can gain entrance to the site, which lies below street-level, by descending some stairs or taking an elevator which can accommodate those with wheelchairs or strollers. A series of platforms have been erected amongst the ruins so that visitors can easily stroll amongst the ancient monuments.


Maison Bulgari’s involvement in both Largo Argentina and the city of Rome has been extensive; according to the brand’s website, it “has always found a source of inspiration in the monuments and architectural treasures of the Eternal City.” Bulgari Group CEO Jean-Christophe Babin said the opening of Largo Argentina will allow visitors to “feel the breath of history” as they admire the archaeological site up close. Indeed, spectators can stand face-to-face with the remains of the Curia of Pompey and temples dating back to the 4th to 2nd century BC which are speculated to be tributes to certain Roman gods and goddesses.

How to get to the Sacred Area of Largo di Torre Argentina

Entrance is in via di San Nicola De’ Cesarini (opposite number 10). Largo Argentina can be reached by city buses 70, 64, 87, 63, and others which stop right next to the Torre Argentina. The site is within walking distance from Piazza Venezia.

Opening Times

Entrance is possible between 9am and 7pm, Tuesday through Sunday.


Tickets for the Sacred Area of Largo Argentina can be purchased both online and in-person at the ticket office located in Torre del Papito (piazza dei Calcarari) off Via delle Botteghe Oscure. Mandatory presale on Price of admission is €4 for non-residents and €5 for residents of Rome, and free for MIC card holders.


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