Le Gallinelle Abito Boutique

Le Gallinelle Shop Rome's Monti

Designer women’s fashion shop in Monti

Le Gallinelle, founded by Wilma Silvestri in 1989, is one of the most sophisticated retro-inspired fashion shops around Rome. Almost everything in the store is made by the owner herself right in the back. Combining ethnic and contemporary fabrics she’ll whip up her own modern designs or refurbish an old outfit into something worthy of the runway.

Through an intuitive design process, Wilma combines colors and materials in her clothes, making it easy to dress any kind of woman. The look is discrete and new, casual with flair.

For clothes that fit perfectly, don’t miss it. They also feature couture clothing, which means that you can have a dress made for your very size and taste within a day.

Womenswear Boutique in Rome

61, 00184 Roma, Italia

Via Panisperna, 59 (Monti)

Open Mon-Sat, 10.30am-9pm; Sun 12pm-8pm


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