Stasher. Luggage Storage.

Stasher. Luggage Storage.

Luggage deposit and Baggage Services in Rome

We’ve all been there. Rare is the day when check out times and flight times align in perfect synchronicity. In most cases, check out times are early-ish, leaving travelers to figure out where to store baggage while squeezing in some last minute fun before heading to the airport.

True, you could cart your bags around town, but no one wants to be that tourist trying to navigate the underground with a massive suitcase dragging behind.

stasher luggage storage romeThis is where Stasher comes in. The world’s largest luggage storage network, Stasher puts you in touch with local shops and hotels with a little extra space where you can safely store your bags while you make the most of your day. At the time of writing, the website has more than 600 locations across 70 cities spanning 4 continents.

Stasher’s left luggage locations, nicknamed StashPoints, are conveniently located next to all major transport hubs and tourist attractions. With over 50 StashPoints in Rome, they’re bound to have a luggage storage facility wherever you might need it.

Catching a late-night train from Termini? Hotel Mirage is open 24/7 and less than a 5-minute walk from the station. If Roma Tiburtina is where your train is leaving from, then Hotel Holiday is your best option. For those trying to squeeze in some last minute sightseeing, you can drop your bags at Wheely Bike Rental, right next to the Colosseum. Head here to find the StashPoint that best suits your needs.

The best part? It only costs 6€ for 24 hours, and 5€ for each additional day. Your luggage is also insured up to 1000€.

Making a booking is easy, you just need to head to, find the StashPoints that best suits your needs and then simply drop your bags off! Bear in mind they operate a cashless system, all payments must be made online for insurance purposes.

Happy (baggage-free) exploring!

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