Christmas 2023: the best panettoni, pandori and holiday gift baskets in Rome

Christmas 2023: the best panettoni, pandori and holiday gift baskets in Rome

Where to buy the best pandori, panettoni and Christmas gift baskets in Rome?

Yet another Christmas is here. To warm up our spirits we turn to the classic holiday sweets and gift baskets filled with sparkling wine, cookies and cured meats, to enjoy with our family or to gift to others. Here is our selection of the best bakeries and pastry shops in Rome where you can purchase Christmas baskets, pandoro and artisan panettone in Rome this holiday season.

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In the Vatican City area, Cresci, Danilo Frisone’s multifunctional establishment (a tavern, pizzeria, cocktail bar, and finally, a bakery with an open lab), offers, as it does every year, a classic panettone that is simply outstanding. Butter from Fattorie Fiadino, flour from Molino Pasini, Madagascar vanilla, and organic candied fruit from Morandin are among the key ingredients of a baked product that has no equal in Rome.

Via Alcide De Gasperi, 11/17

Le Levain

With the opening of the new Le Levain Café store, recently inaugurated on Via Piave, Giuseppe Solfrizzi’s bakery is more active than ever during the Christmas season. This year, the panettone has been created in three different versions: Classic, Django (chocolate dough with semi-candied raspberries and a crunchy Valrhona chocolate topping), and Moana (classic dough with semi-candied wild berries, pistachio praline, and a passion fruit creamy filling). They are available for purchase directly on Le Levain’s Online Shop for home delivery or in their stores.

Via Luigi Santini, 22 – Via Piave, 9

Casa Manfredi

Beyond the excellent breakfasts to enjoy at the first location on Viale Aventino and in a former theater in the Ostiense area, Casa Manfredi during this time of year produces exceptional panettone and pandori. Among the various versions of panettone available, there is the ‘Romanese,’ a traditional Milanese panettone made in Rome, also available in a 220g pot-cooked version (priced at 15 euros).

Viale Aventino, 91/93 – Via dei Conciatori, 5

Antico Forno Roscioli

Christmas 2021: the best panettoni, pandori and holiday baskets in Rome

The historic Roman bakery on Via dei Chiavari produces artisanal panettone, genuine and with the typical rustic texture of baker’s leavened goods. ‘Our leavened products are tied to our family history. Rustic and artisanal, they are prepared following recipes developed in 2003 and revised in recent years,’ says Pierluigi Roscioli. Just like their bread, Roscioli’s panettone is sold by weight and can be purchased at the store or ordered online for delivery throughout Italy.

Via dei Chiavari, 34


At Gruè, the famous pastry shop on Viale Regina Margherita, they offer a classic panettone, with or without almond glaze, and more unique flavors such as Gianduioso with 60% single-origin dark chocolate from Ecuador and IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, drops of 62% single-origin chocolate from Ivory Coast, or the Chocolate and Candied Pear Panettone where semi-candied IGP Emilia Romagna pear cubes blend with pieces of dark chocolate. They also have the Espresso, produced in a super-limited edition of 120 pieces, featuring coffee and milk chocolate.

Viale Regina Margherita

Pasticceria Walter Musco

This year, Walter Musco, in his namesake pastry shop renowned for a line of individual portions and refined cakes often inspired by contemporary artists, is bustling with the production of various types of panettone: Piemontese; Milano; with cherries and poppy seeds; pears and chocolate; with chocolate dough and chocolate chips.

Largo Bompiani, 8

Micro Forno Luca Pezzetta

In Fiumicino, just a few meters from his famous pizzeria Clementina, Luca Pezzetta opens on December 7, 2023, a micro-bakery to experiment with sourdough and natural fermentations. Here, the panettone comes to life, available only in its classic version and in a 1 kg size, made with live sourdough and a two-dough process.

Via Giovanni Battista Grassi 22, Fiumicino

Triticum Micropanificio

In the Marconi area, the small bakery Triticum produces two versions of panettone, traditional and gianduja. They use organic Piedmontese flours from Mulino Sobrino, homemade sourdough, butter from the French dairy Elle&Vire, organic egg yolks from Azienda Agricola Claudio Oliviero, Mieli Thun orange honey, Piedmont IGP Pariani hazelnuts and hazelnut paste, Australian Sei Corone raisins, and Madagascar Norohy bourbon vanilla as the base ingredients for the dough. The rest can be discovered through tasting.

Via Giuseppe Peano, 10

Federico Prodon

Natale 2023: i migliori panettoni, pandori e cesti natalizi di Roma

Federico Prodon, a Roman pastry chef and former contestant of Bake Off Italia 2, after a couple of years at Caffè Hungaria, has opened his own boutique. For the Christmas season, Prodon returns to Italy with a traditional Panettone featuring Australian 6 Crown raisins and candied orange, flavored dough with candied lemon and orange peel, or a Chocolate version with gianduia dough and chocolate pearls.

Vicolo del Farinone, 19

Forno Monteforte

Monterforte, the bakery on Via del Pellegrino, offers various types of panettone: the classic (825g) made with sourdough, 00 flour, egg yolks, sugar, butter, inverted sugar, candied orange peel, vanilla pods, candied orange cubes, and raisins; the Bronte pistachio one (1000g) with white chocolate and Bronte DOP pistachio paste; a chocolate version (825g) with chocolate chips, and finally, one with mixed berries (825g).

Via del Pellegrino, 129
dai 35 ai 40 euro

Panificio Marè Prati

Daniele Marè from Marè bakery in Prati offers four variations of panettone: classic, pear and chocolate, Sacher, and chocolate. At the heart of it all is the sourdough starter, complemented by Omega flours from Paolo Mariani mill and Pasini La Gran Cuveè, French Normandy butter, candied fruits sourced half from Agrimontana and half from Giuso, and Callebaut chocolate.

Viale Angelico, 88
da 38 a 45


Sintesi Panettone
Foto: Andrea Di Lorenzo

The pastry chef Andrea D’Antoni celebrates Christmas 2023 with various types of artisanal panettone made with sourdough: Classic Mandorlato, featuring two types of raisins and three types of candied orange; Passito panettone and Veneziana panettone, with only Australian and Chilean raisins in the former and without raisins or candied fruit in the latter; and pistachio panettone. More original are the versions of chocolate panettone.

Via Dino Penazzato, 83

Forno Conti & Co.

In the heart of Esquilino, Forno Conti crafts panettone using carefully selected raw materials: 100% Italian wheat flours, Normandy butter, organic eggs, sourdough, candied oranges from Sicily and Calabria. The available variations, all weighing 1 kg and priced at 40 euros, include the classic with raisins and orange or the version with cocoa dough, dark chocolate, and blueberries.

Via Giusti, 18

Santi Sebastiano e Valentino

Natale 2023: i migliori panettoni, pandori e cesti natalizi di Roma

In its classic version, with chocolate and orange zest, along with apricots, almond paste, and lemon, is the Panettone from the bakery on Via Tirso, in the Salario Pinciano area. They use flours from Mulino Sobrino, while the candied fruits come from Agrimontana.

Via Tirso, 107
from 38 euro


christmas at rome's eataly

A great novelty awaits you this Christmas at Eataly: three exquisite panettone variations and a premium pandoro are making their debut in the group’s stores. Introducing the Classic Panettone, the Orange and Chocolate edition, the indulgent version paired with Pistachio Cream, and the heavenly Pandoro. Prepared with careful production processes and a lengthy leavening period utilizing natural sourdough, each is elegantly presented in distinctive and sophisticated gift packaging.

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492


Giuffrè’s selection of panettone for Christmas 2023 offers multiple available variations, from the traditional with raisins and candied fruit to dark chocolate and candied amarena cherries, extending to coffee and caramel with a coffee dough, milk chocolate, and caramel sauce. At Giuffrè, it’s customary to pair bakery products with gelato. As an exceptional offering just for the holidays, they recommend serving the panettone with their zabaglione sauce made with aged Marsala Florio, which is sold separately.

Viale Trastevere 255Viale dei Colli Portuensi 596

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