MACRO – Museum for Preventive Imagination

MACRO – Museum for Preventive Imagination

MACRO opens the doors to its EDITORIAL exhibition, the first exhibit of the three-year dynamic magazine project under the artistic direction of Luca Lo Pinto

As a center for contemporary art, MACRO aims to become increasingly multi-functional, maintaining its own local identity and strengthening the involvement of its community in every possible way. After renovation works that were prolonged due to the quarantine, from July 17th to September 27th, Rome sees the reopening of MACRO with the Museum for Preventive Imagination – EDITORIAL, an exhibition with 55 artworks, many of which never seen before. An editorial that displays artworks like a magazine would, with different sections and different artworks. This starting exhibition is the first chapter of the three-year project of the Museum for Preventive Imagination.

The artists displaying their works are Xavier Aballí, Andreas Angelidakis, Archivio Storico Birra Peroni, Archivio Marcello Salustri, Pierre Bismuth, Henry Bond, Corita Kent, Gino De Dominicis, Trisha Donnelly, Melvin Edwards, Morgan Fisher, Philipp Fleischmann, Liam Gillick/Henry Bond, Marcia Hafif, i ready made appartengono a tutti ®, Ann Veronica Janssens, Lory D, Marcello Maloberti, Cecilia Mangini, Franco Mazzucchelli, Luigi Nono, Gastone Novelli, Joanna Piotrowska, Emilio Prini, Puppies Puppies, Sarah Rapson, Roberto Rossellini, Seth Siegelaub, Giovanna Silva, Lewis Stein, Nora Turato, Ufficio per la Immaginazione Preventiva, VIPRA, Luca Vitone, Nicole Wermers, Eduardo Williams & Mariano Blatt.

This very selection of artists indicates the wide range of personalities that MACRO will host. The aim is to put together different disciplines that range from cinema and music to poetry, offering a system of unexpected connections. Artists that seem completely different in terms of generation, background and language question the status of the artwork and its capacity of narrating and resonating the complexity of the present. Together, these artworks call into question the very way in which ​we perceive museums in relation to their audiences. The artists’ works will amplify the discussion by questioning the museum model we know of, stimulating an experiment of redefining the museum’s identity.

It’s from this idea that MACRO prepares itself for a new three-year chapter: the Museum for Preventive Imagination. Envisioned by the new Artistic Director Luca Lo Pinto, the program is a single exhibition that will evolve continuously till the end of 2022. MACRO will transform itself into a dynamic magazine–a grid, a layout that will be open to different content, offering visitors not only exhibitions but artistic sections and formats to browse over and again, aiding visitors in developing their own interpretation of art.

Till September 27, 2020

Via Nizza, 138 (Nomentano)

Tue – Thur & Sun 11am – 8pm, 11am – 10pm

Free Entry

Mandatory reservation:

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