Roma is 2776 years old on April 21st

A Guide to the Main Events in April 2023: Discovering the Best of Rome's Culture and Entertainment

Discover all the activities in program to celebrate Rome’s birthday

On Thursday 21st April, Rome celebrates its 2776th birthday, known as Natale di Roma. This annual celebration commemorates the founding of Rome by Romulus in the year 753 BC. Parades, historical re-enactments, free museums, important inaugurations are all happening on the Natale di Roma. Discover the program of events.

Gruppo Storico Romano

The historical dramatic society called the Gruppo Storico Romano will bring history to life by re-enacting battles, rituals, ceremonies, and even gladiatorial fights.

natale di roma 2023

This year the grand theme of the celebration is “ROMA: REGINA AQVARVM” (Rome: The Queen of the Water). The main venue that will be hosting most of the mass-entertainment events is the beloved Circus Maximus, an ancient Roman chariot-racing stadium. All the events are scheduled within the three days from 20 to 23 April 2023

On Thursday 20 April, the ceremony of the “Renewal of the Sacred Fire” will take place at at Piazza in Campo Marzio in the afternoon, followed by a celebratory concert. 

Then, on Friday and Saturday residents and visitors of Rome can enjoy the photographic exhibition featuring the past editions of “Natale di Roma” parades, as well as stroll around the Roman Castrum (fort), Celtic and Barbarian Village installations, and Gladiator School for children at the exhibition area of the Circus Maximus (Via dei Fori Imperiali). Evenings of both days are expected to host some historical re-enactment shows, as well as the concert of the Italian Army Music Band called “Coronation of the Goddess Rome,” and “Sound and Lights” musical show. 

The annual Historical Parade is scheduled for the Sunday 23d of April. With the opening ceremony taking place at 9 am at Circus Maximus. The celebratory procession will depart at 11 am following the route towards Piazza Venezia and Colosseum, making it back to the Circus Maximus by 2pm. The afternoon program will be followed by music and dance performances, ending with the historical re-enactment of the “The Marcomannic Wars”. 

For more information on the Natale di Roma head over to or check out their Facebook page.

Free Museums

On 21st April, everyone will be able to visit the Roma Capitale Museums, and the Circus Maximus Archaeological Site for free. This is a unique opportunity to honor the city by appreciating its cultural wealth.

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