A Guide to the Main Events in April 2024 in Rome

natale di Roma 2024

Discovering the best things to do in Rome in April

Rome, the Eternal City, is always full of events and activities throughout the year, and April 2024 is no exception. This spring Rome offers a variety of events, from concerts by international and national artists, to traditional holidays, art exhibitions and festivals and more… Whether you are a music or art lover, a foodie, or simply looking for a reason to celebrate, there is something for everyone this April in Rome. In this article we will explore the main events to help you plan your trip and make the most of your time in the city.

National holidays and special days in Rome in April 

A Guide to the Main Events in April 2023: Discovering the Best of Rome's Culture and Entertainment

April 1 | Easter Monday

April is a month full of national holidays and special days in Rome. One of the most important festivities is Easter, which is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring – March 31 this year. This means that Easter Sunday will fall on April 1.

How to spend Easter in Rome

April 21 | Natale di Roma

On April 21 Rome celebrates its annual birthday, known as Natale di Roma. Rome celebrates this year its 2777th birthday with a weekend of art, culture and festivities. The celebrations include cultural events, exhibitions, street performances and concerts – plus, there will be free access to Roma Capitale Museums and other cultural venues.

April 25 | Liberation Day

Another important April holiday is Liberation Day, which falls on April 25 and marks the end of the Italian occupation during World War II. The city celebrates this day with parades and other festivities, including shows and fireworks. Being a national holiday, schools, banks and shops are closed.

Exhibitions this April in Rome

Kikugawa Eizan, Raccolta moderna di bambini come tesori. 1809, Silografia policroma, 26,3 x 38,6 cm, ©Courtesy of Museo d’Arte Orientale E. Chiossone

In Rome this April, delve into captivating exhibitions that promise to transport you through time. At Chiostro del Bramante, Emotion offers an interactive journey into the spectrum of human emotions depicted through art. Meanwhile, at the Capitoline Museums explore Fidia, an exclusive showcase of classical masterpieces, including never-before-seen works spanning paintings, manuscripts, and drawings. Experience the rich history of the Roman world at Dacia – The Last Frontier of the Roman World, where rare archaeological finds spanning fifteen hundred years await your discovery, or embark on a mesmerizing journey into the world of traditional Japanese art at Palazzo Braschi’s Ukiyoe exhibition. New exhibitions coming to Rome this month include “Napoli Ottocento” at the Scuderie del Quirinale, paying homage to the Neapolitan 19th century, and an exhibition at Palazzo Barberini named “Raffaello, Tiziano and Rubens“, fifty works from the Galleria Borghese will be displayed there.

Best events in April in Rome

Rendez Vous festival

Live music

Live music concerts are happening all around Rome, featuring diverse genres of music and singers from several nationalities, with performances taking place in a variety of venues throughout the city.

Concerts in Rome in April

3 – 7 April | Rendez-Vous French Film festival

This 5-day event showcases the best of contemporary French cinema and offers talks with directors and guest actors. It will be held at Cinema Nuovo Sacher, where films and guests of the festival will be welcomed. The journey, starting from the capital, will then make stops, with special sections and guests, in: Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, and Turin.


4 – 7 April | Romics

Comics is the major international exhibition on comics, animation, cinema, and games, organized by Fiera di Roma. It’s four days of non-stop celebration with events, meetings, and shows. Serving as a crucial meeting point for industry professionals and the public, it provides an opportunity to assess the state of Italian and international comics, while also showcasing highlights from cinema and shows.


5 – 7 April | Roma Diffusa

ROMADIFFUSA is a project aimed at reshaping the narrative of the capital city by showcasing and connecting contemporary Rome and its vibrant creative scene. The new spin-off will venture into the Parioli and Pinciano neighborhoods with unconventional content, challenging the traditional perception of these areas as high-bourgeois and conformist.


6 April | Super Sabbath

Super Sabbath, organized by SuperNaturale, is a spring celebration and wine tasting event held at the Città dell’Altra Economia in Rome. From noon until midnight, enjoy glasses and samples of wine paired with delicious food offerings. A true gathering of “witches and warlocks” (the good kind) from the vineyards, all converging in Rome to showcase their exceptional wines.


6 – 14 April | Open House Rome

Experience the breathtaking architecture and design of contemporary structures, historical landmarks, and even private residences throughout Rome. Open House Rome, an international event spanning several cities worldwide, offers visitors and tourists alike the opportunity to explore over 200 sites.

Open House Rome

10 – 17 April | Asian Film Festival

The 21st edition of the Asian Film Festival promises to be extraordinary. Expect surprises from high-quality debut films distributed across various sections including Newcomers, Competition, and Out-of-Competition. Held at Cinema Farnese Arthouse, the festival will feature over thirty feature films from South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, as well as Nepal and Mongolia.

Asian Film Festival

April Markets in Rome

Explore Rome’s various markets, including vintage and antique markets, which offer unique treasures and artifacts, as well as food markets, with traditional and experimental delicacies.

Markets in Rome

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