Roma Whisky Festival 2022

roma whisky festival 2022

The Roma Whisky Festival returns!

Next Saturday, March 5th and Sunday, March 6th 2022 will be the 10th edition of the famous festival that celebrates the world of whiskey in Rome.

“After two years of hiatus – declares Andrea Fofi – our team, like our thirst for Whiskey, has never stopped, on the contrary: we have continued to explore, learn, have fun and grow in the borderless world of the whiskey world”. In other words…the team’s passion for whisky has only become stronger since the last event was called off in 2020 at the onset of the pandemic.

A Mecca for Scotch & Whiskey Lovers

This year, the Roma Whisky Festival 2022 spans over 2 thousand square meters of exhibition space, with over hundreds of products to discover and taste and more than 20 masterclasses at every level from beginners to experts – with numerous 25-minute ‘ABC of Whiskey’ courses for beginners who want to learn more. The long-awaited event will be held at the elegant Salone delle Fontane, the same venue where it was hosted in previous years, under the creative direction of Andrea Fofi and the consultancy of the whisky king of Rome, Pino Perrone.

Created by whisky-lover and businessman Fofi, simply because nothing like it existed before, the Roma Whisky Festival is where whiskey connoisserus, experts and enthusiasts all come together.

Also one of the founders of the Roma Bar Show, Andrea Fofi noticed the increased interest for whisky amongst Italians and had a hunch that maybe there was a market for this kind of event. Whisky consultant Pino Perrone joined in the second year and it’s been gaining momentum every year since. 

Primarily focused on whiskey tasting, the Roma Whiskey Festival adds some new elements into the mix each year. Here are some of the things you can find at this year’s 10th edition:

There will be special space entirely dedicated to chocolate  – one of the best and most unexpected whiskey food pairing. Fonderia Dolce & Design and the historic bar Le Bon Bock have collaborated to create a pop-up pub at the RWF offering English draft beers and other typical Scottish delicacies and dishes.

You’ll be able to sample a variety of whiskeys and talk to the companies behind each one and just like every year – you’ll be able to taste the winners of the “Whiskey & Lode Awards” judged by a panel of experts during a blindfolded tasting.


The official Roma Whiskey Festival X Edition bottle will also be available for purchase and a second bottle which will be unveiled during the festival. Also like every year, a special edition bottle is released for collectors – this year it will be the Caol Ila 15 yearFirst Fill Bourbon Hogshead which is already on the Roma Whisky Festival website for pre-order.

And on both evenings during the Roma Whisky Festival 2022 (on Saturday and Sunday) – the much anticipated “Whiskey in Town” project featuring 5 clubs and bars around the city of Rome, famous for celebrating the spirit of whiskey: ORO Whiskey Bar, The Jerry Thomas Speakeasy, Treefolk’s Public House, Le Bon Bock and Banana Republic, who will all feature a guest bartender and special drink list of signature and whiskey cocktails.

With a program full of events, education and innovation, the Roma Whisky Festival attracts people from all over the world. Also thanks to increased awareness, a growing reputation and Carlo Dutto Press Office who’s been handing their public relations – the Roma Whisky Festival is the biggest even for whiskey in Italy with the largest number of brands and bottles.

But what makes this event so special is that you can find everything there is to know about the whisky world. From small brands to the biggest labels with two-days jam-packed of amazing masterclasses, seminars, presentations and mixology, Roma Whiskey Festival is a full celebration of the brown spirit. Respecting the traditions in a new way, proving that whisky can be savored whether it’s sipped straight or served in a cocktail.

For whiskey lovers, producers, importers, distributors, traders, whiskey makers, bartenders or just those who are curious and want to explore more, the Roma Whisky Festival 2022 is where the wonderful world of whiskey is celebrated in all forms.

March 5 – 6, 2022

Salone delle Fontane (EUR)

Via Ciro il Grande, 10

Saturday 2pm – 11.00pm, Sunday 2pm – 9.30pm

Day ticket: €7 – 10

Weekend ticket: €18

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