Roma Whisky Festival 2024

roma whisky festival

After an incredible 11th edition last winter, RWF is back in its 12th year!

Roma Whisky Festival 2024 will be held on Saturday, February 24th and Sunday the 25th at the Salone delle Fontane in EUR–an entire weekend filled with the “king of all distillates”.

After the success of RBS2023 and now in its 12th year, you can expect all of the wonderful things from years prior-and then some. Andrea Fofi, one of the founders and organizers of the event, has enriched the Roma Whisky Festival 2024 program with some additions, such as a special area dedicated to vintage bottles. 

roma whisky festival

The Salone della Fontane is the perfect place to host the event honoring the king of distillates, where the wonderful world of whiskey and all of its lovers can congregate in the Eternal City of Rome.

The Roma Whiskey Festival is designed for everyone in mind, catering to whiskey connoisseurs and also engaging those just wanting to discover. This spirits festival held annually in Rome also attracts an international attendance–from whisky producers, importers, and distributors who are already familiar with the magnificent distillate to the whiskey curious. And of course always appealing to those longtime whiskey drinkers, the whiskey bars and the bartenders who bring the spirit to new light with their whiskey cocktail concoctions. 

Expanding not only within the spirits category but also in terms of consumers, Fofi notes “the whiskey market…historically aimed at (targeting) the narrow circle of great enthusiasts… in recent years has opened up to a greater number of consumers” – as we are seeing an increase of whiskey drinkers among all age groups and sexes each and every year. 

Whether you’re a whiskey expert or beginner, you are guaranteed a weekend filled with fun and educational experiences revolving around this revered liquid of gold. Sign up for one of the many Roma Whisky Festival masterclasses, seminars and tastings or just stroll by the seemingly endless stands featuring the world-famous golden spirit.

From Irish Whiskey to Whiskey Bourbon, Rye, Blended and Single-Malt Scotch, whiskey will be on display in all its forms at the RWF2024. You’ll find the whiskey brands you already know and love and also discover limited edition bottles, rare and unique whiskey, and those newcomer whiskeys entering the market just waiting to be discovered. Whiskey is celebrated in every way possible at the Roma Whiskey Festival 2024.

For those newbie whiskey drinkers, the “ABC of Whiskey” class is the perfect introductory and mini course of whiskey making and whiskey tasting. And the always anticipated “Whisky & Lode” Award, where the best whisky will be evaluated and judged by a jury of experts (with a blind tasting in four categories: Scotch Whiskey, Best Cask Strength, Best World Whiskey, and Best American Whiskey), naming the new winner this year at the Roma Whisky Festival!

Doors open for the Roma Whisky Festival 2024 on Saturday, February 24 from 2pm and 9pm, and again the next day on Sunday, February 25th – so be sure not to miss it and buy your tickets well in advance.

February 24 – 25, 2024

Salone delle Fontane

Via Ciro il Grande, 10 (EUR)

2pm – 9pm

Day ticket: €10 – 14

Weekend ticket: €20

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