Roma Whisky Festival 2020

Roma Whisky Festival 2020

The first festival dedicated to whisky in Italy is now in its 9th year

Created by whisky-lover and businessman Andrea Fofi simply because nothing like it existed, the Roma Whisky Festival is where whiskey connoisseurs, experts and enthusiasts all come together.  

Also one of the founders of the Roma Bar Show, Fofi noticed the increased interest for whisky amongst Italians and had a hunch that maybe there was a market for this kind of event. Whisky consultant Pino Perrone joined in the second year and it’s been gaining momentum every year since. 

With a program full of events, education and innovation, the Roma Whisky Festival attracts people from all over the world. Last year there were more than 5,000 attendees thanks to increased awareness, a growing reputation and Carlo Dutto Press Office who’s been handling their public relations. This is the biggest event for whisky in Italy with the largest number of brands and bottles. 

Primarily focused on whisky tasting, the Roma Whisky Festival adds some new element into the mix each year. This 9th edition is the “Whisky Area 60’s” which brings the distilled malts from that era back to the present.  A spirit that’s traditionally thought to be best enjoyed neat, Roma Whisky Festival has appropriately selected The Jerry Thomas Project as their official bar partner this year to break that common misconception. With their notorious and unique talent of mixing, The Jerry Thomas Project will be creating special cocktails and an exclusive drink menu for the Roma Whisky Festival.

Other partners include Blue Blazer, a free app and invaluable resource for all things drink in Italy; where to drink well, reviews and interviews about spirits, cocktails, beer and wine. Another sponsor is Whisky & Co, the first luxury boutique for whiskies and fine spirits in Italy which Fofi and Perrone are also partners of. 

Every year a special edition bottle is released for collectors and this time Ardmore was awarded the task. But what makes this event so special is that you can find everything there is to know about the wonderful world of whisky. Another Rome Whisky Festival tradition is the ‘Collection Corner’, now in its 4th consecutive year, where you can find collectibles from well-known auction house Catawiki. 

For those who really know their whisky, here are just a few of the bottles you’ll find this year: Ardbeg Blasda, Springbank 12yo b.1970s, Rosebank 1990 Provenance, Balvenie 1981 15yo Single Barrel, Laphroaig Cask Strength 008, Macallan 1990 Sherry Dun Eidean, Bowmore 30yo Sea Dragon, and Lagavulin 12yo b.2006.

From small brands to the biggest labels (approximately 2000 total) with masterclasses, seminars, presentations and mixology, Roma Whisky Festival is a full celebration of the brown spirit. Respecting the traditions in a new way, proving that whisky can be savored whether it’s sipped straight or served in a cocktail. Don’t miss this two-day international event at the Salone delle Fontane in the EUR district of Rome, April 25th and 26th!

April 25 – 26, 2020

Salone delle Fontane (EUR)

Via Ciro il Grande, 10

Saturday 2pm – 11.30pm, Sunday 2pm – 9.30pm

Day ticket: €7 – 10

Weekend ticket: €18

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