Top Things You Will find at Rome’s Ciampino Airport (CIA)

What to expect at Rome's Ciampino Airport (CIA).

What to expect at Rome’s Ciampino Airport (CIA)

Rome has two airports: Fiumicino (FCO) and Ciampino (CIA). Ciampino Airport is the closest airport to Rome’s city center, only 15km away, while the Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (a.k.a. Fiumicino) is 35km southwest from the center. The main airport in Rome, Fiumicino, offers a much better flying experience in terms of shopping and dining options, Ciampino has its perks as well. Here’s everything you need to know about Rome’s Ciampino airport, from how to get there, what to eat, wi-fi, where to shop and much more.

Overview of Ciampino Airport

Ciampino Airport (CIA) is the second airport in Rome in terms of size and flight traffic. This is because Ciampino only services low-cost airlines and short range flights in Europe, while Fiumicino is the main Rome international airport with four terminals. Formerly a military airport, Ciampino’s official name is Aeroporto G.B. Pastine, but its airport code is CIA and it is always referred to as Ciampino Airport.

Ciampino only has one departure/arrivals terminal and 16 gates: gates A1 to A8 for Schengen flights and gates B1 to B8 for non-Schengen flights, which require passport control. Please note that once you go through the passport control, you won’t find any shops or restaurants in gates B1 to B8. We recommend you don’t enter this area until you’re ready to board. Ciampino airport is open every day from 4.30am till 12am.

*We recommend you arrive to Ciampino airport at least one hour before scheduled boarding time.

How to get to Rome Ciampino Airport

While Ciampino Airport is closer to the city center in comparison to Fiumicino Airport, it is more difficult to reach Ciampino with public transportation.

There are no direct trains to CIA Airport, but you can book a train to Ciampino (not the airport) and then take a bus to the airport. Other options include bus services that depart from Termini Station in Rome and take you to Ciampino Airport for just €5.80 or €6, we recommend either Terravision or SITbusshuttle. You can purchase your tickets online.

The best option, however, is going by taxi or private airport transfer, taking only around 35 minutes. The fixed taxi rate of €30 to and from Ciampino Airport to the city center is a great deal. Please note that if you’re not in the city center, the meter will be running and the fixed taxi rate of €30 won’t apply.

here is our complete guide of how to get from Ciampino (CIA) to Rome

Check-in and Security

Ciampino is a very small airport. As soon as you enter the airport, you will see the check-in desks and the security line. As CIA Airport operate low-cost airlines, we recommend you print your boarding pass at home in order to avoid paying an extra fee. Or better yet, use the electronic boarding pass! The security check at Ciampino is very thorough, however, since there are less people that busier airports, it moves faster in comparison to others.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is still an issue for many travellers as the majority of airports are still reluctant to provide the service without an added cost. Thankfully, passengers at Ciampino Airport can access WiFi for free throughout Ciampino by simply choosing the “Airport Free Wi-Fi” network.

How to connect:

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi-enabled device
  • Select the “AIRPORT FREE WIFI” network
  • Launch your browser
  • You will be automatically redirected to the welcome page
  • Follow the network access instructions


While Ciampino has improved over the years, it doesn’t offer a wide variety of shopping options, especially since it’s a very small airport (formerly a military airport). You will find:

  1. Duty Free Store: Aelia Duty Free store selling perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco, gastronomic products, local specialities, an assortment of confectionery, fashion accessories, souvenirs and more
  2. Currency Exchange: two Best & Fast Change currency exchanges, one inside the departures terminal and the other at the arrivals terminal
  3. Jewellery and watches: Barbieri
  4. Travel agency: Punto nel Mondo
  5. Health & Beauty: the small pharmacy Sanifarma store
  6. Baggage Wrapping: Truestar Securebag
  7. Bookshop & Newspaper: two WHSmith shops


Don’t expect to find lots of variety at Ciampino airport in terms of food and drink. However, the selection isn’t bad:

  1. Bar & Snack – Chef Express: a small caffetteria where you can grab a coffe, a croissant, a panino and other snacks.
  2. Cioccolati Italiani: they have delicious ice cream as well as Italian chocolates!
  3. Mokà – Rosso Sapore: if you get a pizza craving or want some last-minute Italian cuisine
  4. Mokà: small caffetteria where you can have coffee and snacks

Business Lounges

Rome's Ciampino Airport (CIA)

While there are no passenger lounges at Ciampino Airport, if you need to have a business meeting, Ciampino allows you to reserve a business lounge. There are two lounges: Corradino D’Ascanio and Umberto Nobile lounges. Inside these lounges you will find:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • PC connection
  • Catering service (welcome coffee – coffee break – aperitif – lunch –buffet)
  • Telephone line
  • Paid reserved parking
  • Photocopy and fax machine and printer (on request)

To book your business lounge you should email

For more information contact the General Aviation Welcome Desk on (+39)0665959390

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