Best Ways to get from Ciampino Airport to Rome City Center

Getting from Rome Ciampino Airport to Rome City Center

To and from Rome CIA Airport to the city of Rome

If you’re flying into the Eternal City, you can choose between two Rome airports: Fiumicino and Ciampino. Fiumicino is the main international airport of Rome and is much bigger in comparison to the Ciampino Airport. Ciampino is a very small airport in Rome, used by low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and WizzAir. Whether it’s your first time flying in or out of Ciampino Airport (Rome airport code: CIA), here’s how to get to get from this Rome airport to the city center and from Ciampino Airport to the city of Rome by bus, train, transfer or car sharing.


While there is no express train from Rome to Ciampino airport, a regional train from Termini station can get you to the town of Ciampino for €1.50. Depending on the time of day and train you take, the journey is around 15 minutes. Once you arrive at the Ciampino train station you are very close to the airport and can take the SIT bus (in the Termini direction) to the airport, a 15-minute ride. Or, an AirportBus (Termini direction) leaves Ciampino station for the airport and takes approximately ten minutes. Using mobile applications like Citymapper that track buses’ arrivals and departures are very useful during non-direct journeys.

Private Airport Transfer

How to get to and from Rome's airports

Save time and money and book your private luxury transfer service to and from Rome Ciampino to the City of Rome. Don’t wait in long lines for taxis and get charged extra for your bags or risk not finding a last-minute taxi to the airport! With this luxury Mercedes fleet, you get the best price for the best service. Your arrival to your accommodation in Rome will be as comfortable and stress-free as ever with these luxury cars. Just choose from three different car options: a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Berlina, a Mercedes-Benz Viano Minivan or a Mercedes-Benz Vito Minibus. Enjoy the ride!

Car Sharing

Enjoy Roma Car Sharing

If you’d prefer not to coordinate a complex route by public transportation or want to enjoy a few moments of personal space before a long flight, you can drive a vehicle from car sharing networks like Share Now or Enjoy. Share Now requires an international driver’s license for foreign drivers and charges between €0,24-€0,29/minute, while Enjoy accepts EU and U.S. driver’s licenses and charges €0,25/minute. For more information about how these services work, check out our transportation guide.

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus Service in Ciampino airport

SITbusshuttle is a shuttle service offering transfers between the city center, Fiumicino, and Ciampino airports. One-way services for both airports cost €6 while a roundtrip ticket for Ciampino airport is €11. Trips to Ciampino airport begin around 4.30am and end at 9.30pm. One-way services from Termini (Via Marsala 5) to Ciampino are 30 minutes. Tickets and reservations are available at the Ciampino airport desk, on board the buses, and at ticket machines in all bus stops (Termini, Vatican, and Circonvallazione Aurelia). You can also purchase your ticket in advance online.

Terravision is another bus company that operates in many EU and UK cities, offering city tours and low cost airport transfers. For €5.80 adults and children (ages 5-12) can ride the shuttle bus from Termini station to Ciampino airport (a 40 minutes trip) at various time slots, with departures spanning between 10 to 100 minute intervals depending on the time of day. A round-trip ticket costs €9 and tickets are always free for children aged 4 and younger.

Reserving your one-way and/or return trip online allows you to bring extra luggage and adjust your departure dates/times without additional fees, but you must reserve your time slot at least 12 hours in advance. There is no need to print your reservation since Terravision accepts e-tickets. If you need a transfer within 12 hours, you can buy tickets at the Terravision airport desk or Terravision bus stops at Via Giolitti 38 (Termini) and/or Via Bruxelles at Largo Liegi (Ciampino city center).


Taxi fare to Ciampino Airport

Early flights may call for a cab ride, which you can order or reserve by phone at (+39) 060609, 063570, 066645, or 066651. By law city taxies have fixed rates to/from Rome airports. The taxi fare to/from Ciampino Airport is €30. These rates apply to one-way trips to or from the city center, are for four passengers or less, and include luggage. Taxies should have a card reader for credit card payments, however it’s always best to have cash on hand in case your cab doesn’t have a POS machine.

If you’re looking to travel from Ciampino airport to the city center, beware of gentlemen who approach you in the airport and offer you a taxi. These people work for private companies and will charge their own flat rates that are usually very expensive. Also, if you get into a non-metered taxi (noleggio con conducente) at the airport or elsewhere, be sure to establish the price for your trip before beginning your journey.

Free Now is a great mobile application that allows you to order your Rome airport taxi from your phone. Similarly to Uber, MyTaxi shows you the closest taxies and tracks your cab as it approaches you. The app will also estimate your trip cost and allows you to pay online with credit card. For more information, check out our essential transportation guide.

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