Catch a movie from your car at Sunset Drive In

Sunset Drive In Cinecitta Studios Rome

Rome’s drive in at Cinecittà Studios

What do you get when you combine a theater student and a fashion expert, with a marketing professional and an L.A based producer? In this case, the Sunset Drive In. Yes, you read that correctly, a drive in.

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as Caterina (our theatrical ingredient), and Valentina (our fashion element), were living out the Italian lockdown together, the two friends had a crazy thought as they watched the umpteenth black and white movie. “It sure would be nice to run your own drive in” said Valentina as the characters in the movie they were watching pulled up to the onscreen drive in. At this, Caterina turned towards Valentina and confidently replied “ Well, why don’t we?”

And as movie-like that interaction may sound, what followed is just as Hollywood as you’d expect. The girls were quickly joined by two good friends of theirs, and the duo became a quartet. Both boys are coincidentally named Matteo, and are the marketer and producer that I mentioned earlier. An immediate sense of comradery was born, and the group reached their respective roles organically, and a clear, steady communication between each other was established. As the pandemic around our 4 protagonists was still up and running its course, the group started to lay the foundation to the Sunset Drive In.

sunset drive in roma
Foto: Gianfilippo De Rossi

And so the months passed, spring arrived, and Italy entered its phase 2. At this point, our group had gotten quite a bit of work done. However, the film set-list was still to be discussed. And just as personal taste tends to differ when one discusses which roman pasta dish is the best according to them, the same kind of personal taste usually comes up when discussing what movies are better than others; and picking the set-list for Sunset Drive In was no different.

Where Matteo L. was set on showing the 2016 released LION, and Valentina being a big fan of director Xavier Dolan, Caterina an avid admirer of the recent Perfetti Sconosciuti, and our other Matteo a Back to the Future ride-or-die, you can imagine what an adventure picking the line-up must have been. Thankfully though, the difference in opinion gave way to the possibility of offering a little something for everybody.

Sunset Drive In

And where might a line-up this important be shown if not in the renown setting that birthed some of the world’s beloved classics like, Scorsese’s Gangs of New York, Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, and Scott’s The Gladiator? Cinecittà of course! Not only will you be watching a show from the comfort of your own car, (whether that be inside, on it, or from a lawn chair) but you will simultaneously be surrounded by the same buildings that were once walked through by many of cinema’s greatests; yeah, I just got goosebumps too.

As you enjoy the movie you can also order food and beverages to munch on, which will be served on customized Sunset Drive In trays that match the merch available. With a movie programming that plans to accompany you until early October (with a brief pause in the month of August), this summer just got a whole lot better – and boy do we deserve it. Buy your ticket online, or at the booth on-site, and check-in, but also reserve a space for your car beforehand, through your smartphone.

With a lot that spans over 6,000 ft² and the capability of hosting 160 cars and 320 viewers, catching either the 9PM or 11.45PM showing on the 100sqm screen will be like stepping into a dreamy summer from the past, but better.

Where: Cinecittà Studios (Via Lamaro, 30)

When: September – October (9pm or 11.45pm)

How Much: Tickets €7.50 per person (both on-site and through online reservation)


September 10 – 13

Thursday, September 10: The Untochoubles (9pm)

Friday, September 11: The Lion King (8.30pm), Notorious B.I.G. (11.15pm)

Saturday, September 12: Rocketmat (8.30pm), Zoolander (11.15pm)

Sunday, September 13: Ghost (9pm)

(films in Italian language)

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