Outdoor Movie Theater: Il Cinema in Piazza returns this summer

cinema in piazza san cosimato

Rome’s piazzas are once again transformed into movie theaters

It’s been a tough few months, and the summer season is looking a little gloomy with many festivals and concerts being postponed to 2021. But there’s also some good news: the outdoor movie theater Cinema In Piazza is going to return this summer, transforming Rome’s beautiful piazzas into open-air cinemas once again.

This year’s objective is to oppose social distancing by maintaining physical distancing. The lockdown has created physical distances between people, but Cinema In Piazza believes it has also created social and empathic distances that could become irreversibile. A long summer is ahead of us, with many families that will be forced to stay in Rome for work and economic reasons. Cinema In Piazza wants to be there and transform their open air movie nights into opportunities for culture and social life to flourish once again.

So get ready, because from July 3rd to August 30th, Rome’s piazzas are transformed into opportunities to rebuild community and experience intense civil and social value. The free outdoor movie festival, “Il Cinema in Piazza,” will return to Rome for its 6th year. Just like last year, it will be hosted in three locations: Piazza San Cosimato, il Porto Turistico di Roma Marina in Ostia and Casale della Cervelletta in Tor Sapienza.

Stay tuned for the official movie calendar shown in three locations on 12×8-meter large screens. All films will be shown in the original language, with Italian subtitles. There will also be encounters with national and international guests. Movies by Italian directors and filmmakers such as Federico Fellini and Matteo Garrone will be mixed in with those by Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino. Disney and Pixar movies will also be shown for a more family-friendly atmosphere on certain nights.

cinema in piazza roma

Outdoor Movie Theater in Rome: Il Cinema in Piazza Returns

Outdoor Movie Theater in Rome: Il Cinema in Piazza Returns

Cinema in Piazza is organized by “Piccolo Cinema America,” a group dedicated to promoting culture and film. They say the goal of “Il Cinema in Piazza” is in “the contemporary involvement of the center and the suburbs” which seeks to uniquely “rebuild a sense of community, promoting a knowledge accessible to all with free and shared projections.” Additionally, Cinema In Piazza promotes the cultural importance of the event, saying “the projection does not end in the mere vision of the show, but becomes an experience of intense civil and social value.”

The event had previously been held in Piazza S. Cosimato under the name “Festival Trastevere Rione del Cinema,” but faced a dispute with Rome’s deputy mayor and culture councilor, Luca Bergamo. Instead of limiting the hours, like Bergamo wanted, the event grew after being supported by well-known figures in film, such as Martin Scorsese and “Pif” Pierfrancesco Diliberto.

Now, Cinema In Piazza’s project is continuing in an even more concrete direction, seeking to unite all of Rome through film by “connecting three nerve centers [in the city] through the construction of three contemporary arenas.”


July 3 – August 30


Piazza San Cosimato 

Porto Turistico di Roma Marina in Ostia 

Casale della Cervelletta in Tor Sapienza 

Movie screenings at 9.15pm

Free entry


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