Terra: the farm-to-table restaurant in Ostiense

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

Choose your ingredients directly from the counter at Eataly’s Terra restaurant

With Italy’s exceptional farm-fresh produce, it’s only logical you enjoy lunch or dinner in a restaurant that serves super fresh ingredients. But did you know that there’s a restaurant in Rome that allows you to choose your own ingredients? Located on the second floor of Eataly, it’s called Terra, and it has just celebrated one year! Terra digs deep into the roots of our planet by taking you on a culinary journey around the seas and countryside. Not only has Terra celebrated one year, it has also welcomed its new Chef under 30: Angela Pierantozzi, a 26-year-old Roman and former sous chef of Terra.

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

With the incredible “farm-to-table” or “counter-to-table” concept, Terra lets its guests choose the highest quality ingredients directly from its counters. Feel like a Florentine steak? Head to the butcher’s counter and pick your favorite meat cut. Craving some seafood crudité with a side of bubbly prosecco? Choose from seabass carpaccios, prawns and oysters from the seafood stand. The vegetables and fruit come from the regional Agricolonna producer; the ingredients from Eataly’s top-quality market downstairs; the meat from the Piedmontese association of sustainable breeders “La Granda”; and the seafood is sourced directly from Anzio and Civitavecchia. The bottom line? It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

And wait until you set your eyes on the three-meter long handmade grill, built over a period of 5 months following Spanish tradition. This is where your meals will be cooked – on a Leccio delle Serre Vibonesi della Calabria virgin charcoal grill – a.k.a. a 100% Italian natural charcoal grill that gives off exceptional aromas and flavors to any ingredient that comes in contact with it. From the counters to the kitchens and grill, everything is an open space, so you can see the Chefs in action.

But what inspired this format? Nothing more than our planet’s primary elements – land, fire and nature. These same elements can be found within the restaurant, in the charcoal grill used to cook the ingredients, in the decor, and in the food counters, wanting to create a direct relationship between the customers, the produce, its origin and its processing.

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

What to order? After the lockdown, Terra reopened with a new menu created by Eataly’s executive chef Enrico Panero and Terra’s chef, Angela Pierantozzi. The new iconic dish on the menu is the grilled seafood platter with the best of the catch of the day–a selection of fresh fish that arrives daily from the Lazio coast.  Another new entry is the Carbonara di Orbetello with mezze maniche pasta, organic eggs, smoked mullet and Pecorino romano Dop. For the classic Spaghetti alle vongole, Eataly give it a little twist by adding confit cherry tomatoes. Another A-lister is the Spaghetti ai frutti di mare with vongole veraci (clams), mussels, pink shrimp, prawns and extra virgin olive oil. But let’s not forget about the antipasti, from bruschette and fassona beef tartare to fish carpaccios and oysters. Let’s just say that anything you order will over deliver. From starters to desserts, Terra’s menu has you covered.

The wine list won’t let you down either. With 300 wine labels from Italy and the Lazio region selected from the 25,000 wines of Eataly’s Winery, and amazing craft beers and cocktails, you’ll have a top-notch selection to choose from.

New in is the “fresh cart” concept–every day Eataly’s staff will show you the daily products they have on display. From the best meat cuts with the Slow Food presidium to the best catch of the day selected from Eataly’s seafood stand. You can choose what you’d like to order, from seafood to meat, and, if you’d like, you may also pair wine by the glass. In addition to the wine list, you’ll find the “wine cart” where you’ll be able to choose from 12 different white and red wines and proseccos each day!

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

But it’s not just the restaurant’s concept, top-quality ingredients, and origin of the produce that will have you head over heels. The warm tones and cozy vibes create the perfect setting for a meal to remember. It’s like stepping inside a green oasis with wooden accents, dimmed lights and beautifully set tables. The great news? Prices are accessible, seeing is believing!

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

Terra: the Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Rome's Ostiense

With a large space, Terra can host up to 100 guests. But careful… don’t make the mistake of not reserving! If you’ve got time to kill or you’re waiting for your table, stop by the cocktail bar to indulge in a perfectly crafted cocktail. .

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Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492 (Ostiense)

Opening Time

Tuesday – Saturday 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Saturday – Sunday 12pm – 3.30pm

Monday closed, Sunday for dinner closed


348. 7180551




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