Il Secchio e l’Olivaro: Unique Pizza and Bruschette in Rome


Treat yourself to tray-baked pizza, flavorful bruschette, and traditional first courses, also gluten-free.

Pizza cooked in a tray, delicious bruschette and traditional pasta dishes, even gluten-free – this, and much more, is Il Secchio e l’Olivaro. Established in 1999 on Via Portuense, this restaurant prides itself on offering exceptional pizza that defies convention. Today, the original location on Via Portuense has been replaced by two new venues in Garbatella (Via delle Sette Chiese 188) and Ostiense (Via del Porto Fluviale 3).

Garbatella Venue on Via delle Sette Chiese 188
Ostiense Venue on Via del Porto Fluviale 3

Inspired by homemade pan-baked pizza, Il Secchio e l’Olivaro presents a unique take with pizza baked in a tray in a wood-fired oven, undergoing a double cooking process: first over burning embers and then on the brick. The result? A pizza with a soft heart and a biscuity base.

But that’s not all: Il Secchio e l’Olivaro boasts over 20 types of mouthwatering bruschette, made with homemade bread and original toppings that change according to seasonal produce. Moreover, in response to numerous customer requests, since 2010, the venues offer gluten-free products, all of their own production (organic gluten-free craft beer, fried foods, bruschette, and pizza).

Il Secchio e l’Olivaro is the perfect place for food lovers seeking good company. It’s a spot to unwind and enjoy a relaxing moment with friends and family, just like at home. With their spacious areas, they can even accommodate large groups.


Tray-baked pizza

At Il Secchio e l’Olivaro, pizza stands out for its long dough fermentation (30 hours in fermentation cells) and for baking in a wood-fired oven at over 600°C, inside a tray.

The result is a thick pizza, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, a true delight. On the menu, you’ll find both classic favorites and more unique pizzas, such as Burrata with caramelized onion and spicy salami, Pumpkin with bacon and gorgonzola, and Napoli 2.0. Every month, 1 or 2 special flavors are added.

All pizzas are topped in “quarters” with a maximum of 4 flavors, and they’re served on boards already cut into slices, accompanied by craft beer served in an original way in chilled carafes.

Additionally, gluten-free options are available, as well as some vegetarian and vegan choices. Gluten-free pizzas are served on plates, they are low, crispy, and light. The entire production process is homemade and takes place in a dedicated environment free of contaminants.


More than just pizza

The bruschette at Il Secchio e l’Olivaro have a history deeply rooted in family tradition, dating back 20 years when the family’s grandmother had the idea to create typical Roman dishes on slices of crispy bread.

Today, the restaurant offers over 20 kinds of bruschette, with original and flavorful toppings. Among the most famous are ciauscolo and stracchino, caramelized onion with taleggio and bacon, eggplant parmigiana, escarole with burrata and anchovies, and meatballs in sauce. Bruschette are also available in a gluten-free version.

All fried foods produced by Il Secchio e l’Olivaro are exclusively gluten-free, and thanks to their homemade breadcrumbs, the fried items are super crunchy. Don’t miss out on the ragù-filled supplì, the chicken cacciatore lingotto, or the famous croquette with purple potato, caramelized onion, and melted taleggio.

The Garbatella location also offers a selection of first and second courses from Roman cuisine, reinterpreted with innovation and a focus on quality, such as the carbonara, cacio e pepe and amatriciana.

For the second course, you can choose from oxtail stew, tripe with pecorino cheese, chicken with peppers, slowly cooked low-temperature lamb, and much more.

The craft beer on tap is exclusively produced by the Balabiott brewery in Domodossola and is served at the table in chilled carafes.

And to end on a sweet note, delicious artisanal desserts await you, including gluten-free options. Don’t miss out on the ricotta and sour cherry pastry sphere or the chocolate tart with a warm heart. Plus, indulge in their artisanal liqueurs, including basil, cinnamon, almond, licorice, and mandarin.

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Via delle Sette Chiese 188 (Garbatella)
Via del Porto Fluviale 3 (Ostiense)

Opening times
Ostiense: Tue-Sun 6.30pm-12.00am
Garbatella: open daily 7.00pm-12.00am


Ostiense: +39 065745897
Garbatella: +39 065120022

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