Latteria, an oasis in the heart of Garbatella in Rome

Best Bars in Garbatella in Rome

This exquisite bistro promises a sophisticated dining experience, from weekend brunch to after-dinner cocktails

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Garbatella neighborhood in Rome, Latteria is housed within the walls of the once-historic Bar della Nanetta. Following a restoration that prioritized sustainability, utilizing recycled materials, Latteria has transformed into an enchanting space where time seems to slip away: an urban green garden, perfect for year-round seating, and a sophisticated indoor area. Once seated in this enchanting setting, your phone will become a distant memory as you sip an exquisite drink and immerse yourself in the present moment.

Born in 2015 as a cocktail bar, Latteria has evolved into a bistro that offers not only exquisite drinks but also diverse menu catering to vegans, meat-lovers, and fish enthusiasts alike. Latteria’s culinary philosophy revolves around sustainability, seasonality, and zero-waste. Here you can enjoy an incredible aperitivo, dinner, or cap-off your evening with an after-dinner cocktail. And on weekends, you can visit Latteria for one of the best brunches in Rome.

Drinks With a Story

To be fully enjoyed and appreciated, cocktails should not merely blend flavors, but narrate a story–this is the philosophy of Giorgio Morino, Latteria’s master mixologist and author of Bartime Stories. Morino has developed a new drink list for Latteria, featuring seven cocktails, each telling a unique tale ranging from sci-fi to mythology.

Among our favorites is the enchanting tale of Latte Blu–a drink inspired by Star Wars’s Blue Milk, plus alcohol. Morino envisions Star Wars smugglers seeking refuge in a bar, enjoying the characteristic Blue Milk… with a spirited twist. This refreshing drink, a spin on the classic Pina Colada, features tequila, cinnamon, rice milk, coconut milk infused with pineapple, and cocoa liquor. Sweet and light, it’s the perfect choice for an aperitivo.

Another standout creation is 9 e mezzo. Here Morino imagines a British gentleman embarking on a journey to the Amalfi Coast, where he meets a charming Italian woman. Inspired by their love story, this drink harmonizes English gin and the zest of Italian lemons, encapsulating the essence of their encounter.

For a bolder taste, we recommend Barista, a drink reminiscent of the classic espresso martini, but with a unique twist—it’s entirely coffee-free. Barista is made with cascara (made from the fruit of the coffee plant), whiskey, and bitter. This drink draws inspiration from the frequent mix-up between the Italian terms barista(commonly associated with coffee makers) and bartender (masters of alcohol).

For those opting for an alcohol-free experience, Latteria offers the Elisir collection—a selection of three wellness-focused drinks crafted with ingredients that benefit both body and mind. Don’t miss theEnergizzante, a refreshing blend of cascara, orange flowers, and non-alcoholic bitter.

If you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail, such as an Aperol spritz or a Negroni, feel free to place your order. If wine is on your mind, Latteria boasts a great selection of natural and organic wines from various Italian labels.

A Culinary Journey Blending Tradition and Innovation

Looking for a quick bite or a substantial meal? Latteria has it all. The bistro offers a delightful menu that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, all while focusing on sustainability and zero-waste.

A unique feature on the menu are the Senzaimpegno–small bites, like tapas, that can accompany your aperitivo, be served as appetizers, or as a light dinner. Senza impegno in Italian means “without commitment”, which perfectly describes this concept–the Senzaimpegno can be ordered from 6pm to 11pm, allowing you to transition your aperitivo into a dinner without changing locations. They are not only perfect for vegans but also include gluten-free choices

Among our favorites are the Gnocco alla Romana with mushrooms and pecorino fondue, the Bao with a chickpea burger and Roman broccoli cream, and the Roman Maritozzo with oxtail and cocoa.

If you’re looking for a bigger meal, Latteria has you covered. The new fall/winter menu includes handmade pasta, such as Tortelli stuffed with eggplant and anchovies and Ravioli filled with pumpkin in a mushrooms and miso broth. Fish enthusiasts can delight in the exquisite Red tuna dish.


Relaxing Weekend Brunch in Rome

If you’re seeking a weekend brunch or lunch spot in Rome, Latteria is a must-visit, where food is served from 12:30pm on weekends. Gather your friends and try a variety of the signature Senzaimpegno for a diverse tasting experience. If you prefer a heartier meal, choose from their main dishes, and end with a dessert.

On sunny days, you can enjoy the outdoors and soak up the sun in their lush garden. Don’t miss out on Latteria for an amazing brunch in Rome.


 Piazza Geremia Bonomelli, 9 (Garbatella)

Opening time

Tue-Thu: 6pm-12am; Fri: 6pm-2am; Sat: 12.30pm-3pm; 6.30pm-2am; Sun 12.30pm-3pm; 6.30pm-11pm


+39 06 512 3913


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