To Rome With Love

Rome’s cobblestoned streets, bustling piazzas and astounding cityscapes all figure prominently in photographer Oliver Astrologo’s virtual love letter to the Eternal City. Whether it’s walking you across the footfalls of tourists or through the eyes of Italian artisans, his 3-minute film (entitled Roma) takes you on an exploratory journey of the city through aerial views, close-ups and interesting angles. Unlike most travel videos, this short shows a more authentic side to the city. Astrologo notes that touristic videos often, in his words, “lacked a bit of warmth” and attempts to depict Rome through the eyes of a local. “It is essential that the final output triggers new emotions and lets the viewers find out about places they were not really aware of before” says Astrologo. Check out the video above and be on the lookout for Astrologo’s upcoming worldwide destination films on Cuba and Spain.

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