Is there Uber in Rome?

How to Use Uber in Rome

It may not be as swift as New York or as accessible as London, but using Uber in Rome is still possible. Despite rumours that it is illegal, this is not true, other taxi companies were simply disgruntled when Uber was first introduced. It does come at a higher price in the form of Uber lux, van or black but there are talks of introducing the regular Uber cars in the future. Currently the higher standard of Uber in Rome does secure safe journeys and thoroughly checked drivers. However if you’re looking to save your pennies, there are cheaper alternatives to Uber in Rome, in many forms…car, electric scooter or bike sharing! Once you’ve got to grips with the choice of apps out there, Uber (or the competitor companies) are highly convenient for life in the city.

How to get a taxi in Rome

Uber Taxis:

Uber in Rome

The Uber App

Uber’s normal app does operate in Rome and offers the Uber Lux, Uber Van or Uber Black for a reassuring, reliable taxi service. Uber is more expensive than other taxis but there is comfort in travelling with this well-known company.

The Alternative to Uber: FreeNow App

Formerly known as ‘MyTaxi’, FreeNow is a cheaper alternative to Uber, this popular and reliable service works just like Uber- via the app, customers can put in collection and destination details, with the option to pay via the app and give your driver a rating. The high number of FreeNow taxis around Rome means a vehicle can arrive within minutes.

Uber Scooters:

electric scooters in Rome

The Lime Scooters

Lime is great if you want to try the latest travel craze around the city which began in Summer 2020. Simply download, create an account, discover where the nearest scooter is and pay via the app to scoot about the city for a bit. If you already have an Uber account you can rent your Lime scooter directly from the Uber app.

Uber Bikes:

Get around Rome with these new car, bike and scooter sharing services: Share Now, Enjoy, Share'n'go, Jump, Helbiz, Ecooltra, Zigzag, Cityscoot & Urbi.

The Lime app again offers access to Uber’s electric assisted Jump bikes. Again, if you already have an Uber account you can rent the Jump bikes directly from the Uber app.

Uber Eats:

Not-to-Miss Food Delivery Services in Rome

The Uber Eats App

Uber Eats is no longer available in Italy.

Food Delivery Alternatives in Rome

Deliveroo, Glovo and Just Eat are some of the many other food delivery services in Rome

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