Car, scooter, electric scooter and bike sharing in Rome

car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome

All Roads Lead to… car, scooter and bike sharing in Rome

According to some, all roads lead to Rome. But you may have noticed Rome’s roads are far from eternal (and in serious need of a revamp), reason to why romans often chuckle when they hear the phrase and comment on how the current state of the roads lead more like nowhere rather than Rome. 

As the city is slowly working on improving the conditions, new car sharing services have risen to the occasion. The services allow users to hop on and off their chosen transportation device, and help reduce pollution thanks to one leaving his/her personal car behind by opting to share one instead. By sharing one mustn’t worry about paying for parking, insurance, or for gas–it’s all included. Not to mention, the sharing factor comes in really handy when you are in a hurry and no public transport or cabs are in sight. 

The sharing isn’t limited to cars, and also includes scooters, e-scooters and bikes. All services are paid for and reserved through easy and ready to use appsEach service has a different pricing range, its own app, and different vehicles to choose from. Sharing is caring, so make sure you leave the transport as you found it after you finish scurrying around Rome. Other than that, your carriage awaits!



Share Now
Smart for two: €0.19/minute
Smart for four: €0.26/minute

Car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome

The first car sharing service to land in Rome, Share Now was recently born from the fusion between Car2Go and DriveNow. The service has different types of cars to choose from, the most popular being the white and blue, two-seater Smart car. At Fiumicino Terminal 1 and Ciampino P5 they also have a reserved car park where you can leave your car (additional fee of € 9.90 for Fiumicino and € 5.90 for Ciampino).



Car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome


You can’t miss these red Fiat 500s with the catchy “enjoy” written on their side. And get rid of your parking nightmares, you can park your vehicle free of charge on blue parking spaces and access (with some restrictions) ZTL areas. For those who go to or arrive at Rome’s airports, Enjoy has 20 reserved spaces available on the terrace of the B Parking in front of Terminal 1 in Fiumicino (additional cost € 9.50) and 10 spaces at Ciampino’s P5 parking (additional cost € 4.50).

Share n’go (currently unavailable)

Car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome

The tiniest of them all, these little yellow two-seater cars are electric and perfect for quick trips. They are noise free, without emissions and are free to enter Rome’s ZTL areas!


€1 to unlock bike


Car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome


The famous red bikes had disappeared after the lockdown but atre now back in Rome thanks to Lime! Uber’s electric assist bikes are now managed by the renowned mobility sharing company, Lime. Just download the app Lime and select the bike option, scan the QR code on the bike, put your helmet on, and zip away. 

Uber in Rome

€0.25 to unlock bike

Car, bike and scooter sharing in Rome

Another option if you’re looking for an electric bike to get you around. Helbiz offers innovative bikes with electric assist called “Greta” in honor of the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. Helbiz also has razor scooters which we will hopefully be seeing around Rome soon.




Scooter sharing in Rome

These electric scooters are perfect if you’re looking to get somewhere quickly. With over 5000 electronic scooters around 6 cities, it’s no wonder it’s the leader in scooter sharing in Europe.

Two-wheeled Electric Eletropolis scooter: €0.26/minute
Yamaha Tricity 125 scooter: €0.29/minute

Car, bike and scooter sharing in RomeA pretty perfect name for a scooter sharing service, zigzag has two types of scooters to choose from. Your average two-wheeled scooter (which is electric), as well as a bigger three-wheeled option.


scooter sharing in Rome

Another electric scooter for you to get on and enjoy your Roman holiday. Download the app and book your scooter in just three clicks! Acciona is best known for its three driving modes: Standard (up to 50km per hour–€0.29/minute), Custom (up to 80km per hour – €0.34/minute) and Xtra (up to 100km per hour – €0.40/minute).



€1 to unlock electric scooter

electric scooters in Rome

Not just HelbizBike, Helbiz introduces its HelbizGo electric scooter, too! From now on you can ride electric scooters in Rome. Download the app, locate the nearest scooter, scan its QR code and unlock it. Once you’re done with your ride, park the scooter curbisde and end your rental! You can also get the monthly subscription of €29.99 that allows you to have an unlimited number of daily rides of up to 30 minutes.

€1 to unlock electric scooter

electric scooters in Rome

Download the app, scan the QR code and unlock your scooter. When you’ve reached your destination, follow the instructions on the app to end your rental and park your scooter responsibly. You can also opt for various subscription plans: the Lime Week Pass at €2.99 per week which includes an unlimited unlock pass (saving you €1 each time you unlock a scooter). There’s also a Lime Monthly Plan that includes an unlock pass for 30-minute rides: 8 rides (€19.99), 25 rides (€44.99), 50 rides (€79.99) and a three-month pass for 100 rides (€149.99).

€1 to unlock electric scooter

scooter sharing in Rome

Bird is a new electric scooter sharing company in the capital. Once registration is complete, you’ll find a map displaying the closest scooters to you. You can reserve your scooter up to 30 minutes before unlocking it.  Once you’ve reached the scooter, scan the QR code and zip away. At the end of your journey you’ll have to take a picture of the position of your vehicle. If you don’t park it correctly the “Bird watchers” operating in the area will intervene and move it.

€1 to unlock electric scooter

scooter sharing in Rome

One of the new arrivals in Rome is the scooter sharing company Wind. As usual, all you have to do is download their app to find the nearest scooter to you. Wind also indicates the number of km you can cover with the scooter before the battery runs out.

€1 to unlock electric scooter

scooter sharing in rome

These electric scooters boast the most advanced safety features; including larger wheels with excellent road holding and a double braking system. The booking procedure is the same as all scooters. Just in case you forgot – taking another person is not allowed!



smart mobility in Rome

What if you don’t know which one to use? Or whether you feel like riding a scooter one day, a car the next, and topping it all off with a bike ride on the banks of the Tiber river? No worries. With the Urbi app you will be able to see all available shared vehicles around you, letting you pick the one you’re feeling the most, or just the closest one to you!



smart mobility in Rome

If you choose cars and/or scooters, you will have to validate your license through the app and have a secondary ID (like your passport) on you while driving. Once you reserve the vehicle, you have an allotted amount of time (usually 20 minutes) to reach it. Once reached and you confirm your presence in the vehicle, your ride and payment begin. Make sure to check the map beforehand to verify that you will be driving through the allowed area, as Rome is big and not all areas are covered by the sharing services. Parking is taken care of, but do make sure to park in an orderly fashion, because let me tell you from personal experience: you pay the fines should you park incorrectly. 

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