How to get a taxi in Rome: A First-Timer’s Guide

how to get a taxi in rome

How much it is for a ride and how to catch a taxi in Rome

In Rome, jumping on a taxi amidst the city’s packed streets can feel like an adventure in its own right. The same goes if you land in the Capital late at night with no clue how to get to the city center, and the public transport has already stopped working.

The most important piece of advice we can give you is to plan ahead and get prepared if you can. While the city offers plenty of choices in terms of car and bike sharing apps, the taxi options can be quite limited and the wait can also be frustrating.

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How to hail a taxi in Rome

Just so you recognise them, the official Italian taxis are painted in white and they should display a registration number and an indication of the basic tariffs on the side.

The symbol of Rome City Council is clearly visible on the front doors and the license should be inside the car, between the front and back seats, on the hand side. Other vehicles may be driven by unauthorized people and the fare could therefore be much higher. When possible, go to a taxi rank or book a cab by phone. In addition, a taxi may be booked for airports, railway stations and hospitals via Radiotaxi.

The light on the top of the vehicle will tell you if the car is busy or not.

There are taxi stands all over Rome: at the airports, train stations, and most times, at least one in front of every tourist attraction.

But here is the crucial question: how to book a taxi in Rome?

Shaking your arms by the street making a sign to the passing drivers or whistling as in a movie clip is an option but it is not the most effective one. If you are not fluent in Italian, your host or hotel concierge can call and book a taxi for you. Make sure you are ready to go as the service is usually quick. Otherwise, you can contact a taxi company by dialling 060609 or submit your request through the Chiama Taxi Utente App of Roma Capitale. The app is actually very intuitive and available in English, which helps! You can sign up in a few seconds and book a taxi from your mobile phone. The App allows data entry via touch, GPS identification of your position, and then direct voice contact with the nearest taxi.


Other useful taxi numbers in Rome:

Pronto Taxi is a cooperative founded in 1974. It is also possible to book trips directly via SMS, WhatsApp or Telegram by writing to +39 3420093509

The reserved number for services to/from Fiumicino with customer pick-up at Terminal 2 is 0666182860

3570 is the largest cooperative in Rome (and, according to the company, in Europe). It offers a series of additional services and is ISO 9001 certified.

They offer a “For Her” night service operating from 01:00 to 5:00 for women only. The taxi driver will follow the passenger with his eyes up to the door entrance, at no additional cost. Dial this number: 06.35701

Taxi Sordi” is an app created in collaboration with the National Deaf Authority dedicated to deaf people.

Today it has a fleet of 360 units and an active 24-hour call center. In order to call Samarcanda taxis, just dial 06.5551.


Taking a Taxi from Rome’s airport

Another important point to consider is that the last train departing from Fiumicino station to Rome Termini in the evening is around 11:20 pm ( from Ciampino train station it is even earlier, at 10:40 pm). This means that if you land late in the evening you may find a long queue to grab a taxi. We suggest to book a transfer in advance.

Equally, if you are for leaving the city from Termini station to the main airports, the last train leaves at 10:35 pm.

Knowing how to take a taxi and how much you will pay for it is crucial. A great piece of advice is to set the price from the start, or at least ask for a rough estimate of the final fee, just so you don’t have to argue later on.

How much it costs to take a taxi in Rome

Cost of taking a Taxi around Rome


Initial fixed fee

  • Fixed fee from point of departure on weekdays (from 6:00 am to 10 pm) € 3,00
  • Fixed fee from point of departure Sundays and public holidays (from 6:00 am to 10 pm) € 5,00
  • Fixed fee from point of departure at night (from 10 pm to 6 am) € 7,00


  • Timed tick on the meter applied at speeds of less than 20km/hr, 28,00 €/hr


  • T1: at speeds > 20 km/h 1,14 €/km. Rate applied until you get to 11€. After that the rate goes to T2.
  • T2: at speeds > 20 km/h 1,35 €/km. Rate applied until you get to 13€.
  • T3: at speeds > 20 km/h 1,66 €/km. Rate applied until you end your journey.

The first piece of luggage is free. Additional pieces of luggage are 1€ each.

Main Airports Taxi Fares to Rome’s city center

Bear in mind that those indicated below are the fees PER JOURNEY AND NOT PER PASSENGER, as established by the City Council Deliberation N. 129 dated 04.06.2021.

Fixed fares are inclusive of all extra charges:

From Fiumicino Airport:

  • to within the Aurelian Walls and vice versa: € 50,00
  • to Ciampino Airport and vice versa: € 52,00
  • to Tiburtina Station and vice versa: € 57,00
  • to Ostiense Station and vice versa: € 47,00

From Ciampino Airport:

  • to within the Aurelian Walls and vice versa: € 31,00
  • to Fiumicino Airport and vice versa: € 52,00

For the full fee schedule information, you can see it here:

If you prefer to organize your transportation around the city with an App, I would recommend FREE NOW.

They employ local drivers, giving them an additional option to expand their business and it is safe for you to use since, at the moment of the booking, you will be able to see the driver’s names, plates and ratings on the app. The main advantage of this service is that it offers upfront pricing, meaning you can directly see how much the ride will be and you are guaranteed not to pay a cent more.

According to my experience, I have found FREE NOW one of the best ways to get around the city although the wait can be long depending on the area you are calling from and the time of the booking.

Taxi-quette: do it right!

As in all areas of life, there is a customary code of behaviour when getting in a taxi and Romans drivers make no exception.

  • Shall I use a face mask? Yes, it is still mandatory, at least until 30 September.
  • Can I seat next to the driver? No, the passenger may not occupy the seat next to the driver.
  • How many people can seat in the back? In cars approved for the transport of up to five people, no more than two passengers may be carried in the back seat. In cars approved for the transportation of six or more persons, patterns must be applied where there are no more than two passengers in each row of seats
  • Can I “choose” a driver when they are in the waiting line or bay? Not really, the drivers organize themselves and keep a line according to their arrival, so you can’t pick your favourite.
  • Can I ask to turn off/on the air conditioning? Yes, you can suggest the driver to lower or boost the temperature in the vehicle.
  • Can I put my own music in the taxi? It depends. Some drivers might have a cable or a Bluetooth device to let you play your favourite songs but it is not so frequent.
  • Shall I tip the driver? Tipping is not customary nor necessary, but you can simply round the fare up to the nearest euro if you want to thank your driver.

How to Use Uber in Rome

And finally, the most important question of them all: can I pay by card on a taxi in Rome?

We could write a full chapter about making card payments in Italy but the short, simple answer is yes. It’s a common misconception that to use Italian cabs, you need to pay in cash only.

Digital payments were already mandatory to accept since 2012 and more recently the legislation has been improved, following this direction.

Through the enactment of Decree-Law 36/2022, a nationwide obligation was established for all freelancers, traders, artisans and businesses to equip themselves with POS in order to be able to accept digital payments by credit card. A measure that has therefore also involved taxi drivers and so-called NCCs (rental with driver). In case the driver suggests you pay only by cash, you can easily argue that they have no excuses for denying a card payment according to the legislation. They should have a working POS on board. More information on the matter can be found here.

Finally, enjoy the ride! Rome’s traffic can be intense but Roman drivers would usually know the city like the back of their hands and, between one honk and the other one, they are able to tell the most interesting stories about the city and its people.

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