Streets of Rome: Via del Pellegrino

Via del Pellegrino Rome
An eye-catching tree hides in a small alleyway off Via del Pellegrino, making the alley more lively than most.

A hidden via footsteps from Campo de’ Fiori

Everyone knows the piazza of Campo de’ Fiori, but venture off to the right and you’ll find Via del Pellegrino, a street filled with boutiques, galleries, restaurants and cool little bars to grab coffee, wifi or aperitivo. Some say the street was named after the pellegrini, or pilgrims, who travelled it to reach the Basilica of Saint Peter, others say it takes its name after an osteria named “del Pellegrino”. Truth be told, we will never know, but what I once thought was a very touristy area, I now find an eclectic street packed with posti affascinanti. From bookstores and erboristerie to traditional osteries, there’s something for everyone in this historic via. As you stroll by, old men and women wave and greet you from their balconies, and ancient columns dot the walls cornering the streets. Full of vibrant colors, Via del Pellegrino is surely a street you won’t want to miss!

The Via del Pellegrino offers a multitude of shops but also a beautiful scenery. Enjoy walking down the cobblestone road and appreciating Rome’s incredible architecture. 
Via del Pellegrino Rome
Barnum Café is the best place to relax and enjoy one of their many coffee beverages and snacks. But be sure to tuck away your laptops from around 12-3 PM for when it is lunchtime and the perfect time to socialize with other customers.
Sciam is a Mediterranean style restaurant located on Via del Pellegrino, 55. Sciam is the place you’re looking for a casual late-night food and hookah experience.
Via del Pellegrino Rome
Sciam’s colorful chairs are crucial to their detailed décor inside.
Via del Pellegrino Rome
A small car covered in straw purses and bags ready to be sold.
Giuncart, on via del Pellegrino 93, is a shop full of objects made of wicker, rattan and cane.
Via del Pellegrino Rome
Via del Pellegrino Rome
Osteria da Fortunata is a fun and quaint restaurant found at the end of Via del Pellegrino, a point at the end of the street that leads into Campo de’ Fiori!
Via del Pellegrino Rome
Founded in 1899, Rinaldo Collalti began repairing and manufacturing bikes. Keeping the family business alive, one of Collalti’s sons, Danilo continues to work on the bike workshop.
Via del Pellegrino Rome
On one end of Via del Pellegrino lives a sweet older man who enjoys his view.
Via del Pellegrino
There are many sights to see when walking down Via del Pellegrino, one of them being the Arco Degli Acetari. This arched passageway leads you to a courtyard where you will find houses covered in vines.
Enjoy authentic homemade pasta at Maccarone il Pastificio, located on Via del Pellegrino, 116. This is the perfect place to enjoy traditional Roman dishes.
The name says it all! Take a break and relax with some wine and music at Vino e Vinili.
OfficineReD is an exclusive boutique for men and women. It was developed in 2013 and offers a wide selection of clothes and accessories.
Streets of Rome: Via del Pellegrino
The Guitar Bag Project is one of a kind. Not only all the bags’ staps are made out of guitars’ straps but the place features music inspired design objects, pieces of vinyl, an electronic guitar for everyone’s to play and a cosy reading corner. Don’t miss it!
Reserva Restaurant Rome
Reserva is a South American restaurant and cocktail bar on Via del Pellegrino, 160-164. Here you will find cocktails and dishes from Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil.
Pas Vu’ is the spot to go if you are looking for a new quality handbag. The bags, accessories, and jewelry are hand-crafted and made with Tuscan leathers.
If you like to collect antiques or are just looking for sustainable furniture or decor, Sublime is the place to go.

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