Vino & Vinili: Where wine tasting and iconic music blend into a unique experience

Vino & Vinili: Where wine tasting and iconic music blend into a unique experience

Find your tune and discover niche Italian wines

One can easily think that enotecas are dusty places where you get in, select your bottle from a million labels, trying with little success to understand the difference between one grapevine and another, and simply get on your way to enjoy wine at home.


Forget all of this. At Vino & Vinili, even the simple act of choosing wine can become an experience. Those who step into Beppe’s wine shop in Via del Pellegrino, just 5 minutes away from Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori, are looking for something more than just a bottle. They have a cosy, social space where you can play your favourite records on the vinyl and find out more about family-run Italian wineries.

While the music selection includes 70s and 80s icons such as David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, 883 and much more, the wines are carefully selected by the owners, who often find themselves travelling to the most remote countryside villages just to find the perfect grapes.

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A unique selection of Classic and Organic Wines 

From classic champagnes to quirky and wonderful red sparkling wines, Beppe will accompany his visitors on a discovery of different types of wines, with a special focus on organic and natural wines from small artisanal producers.

Although Italy is a worldwide destination for wine-lovers, even in the capital city, it is still uncommon to find the so-called natural wines (meaning there is little to no intervention). One thing to remember is that Vino e Vinili is one of the few wineries proposing a wide selection of natural wines, usually made without the use of pesticides or herbicides and with few or no additives. 

Vino e Vinili was recently recommended by Gambero Rosso as one of the best wine shops in the city for enjoying natural wines.

Choose your label, play the records and enjoy!

If you are looking forward to tasting something new and unique, Vino and Vinili is the place-to-go. The location is cosy but stylish, adorned by a few stools surrounded by takeaway bottles and vinyls (which are for sale!), making it easy to socialise and talk about wine and music with other visitors. And if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, you will discover that Vino and Vinili turns into a live music, theatre place, hosting readings and artistic performances, so don’t forget to keep up to date with their calendar of events through their social page here.

Hurry up and book your wine tasting experience!

Via del Pellegrino, 77 (Campo de’ Fiori)

Opening hours:
Tue-Sun 12 pm- 1 am

06 8892 1096


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