Exploring the Enchanting Villa d’Este

day trip from rome: Villa d'Este Tivoli

A palace fit for a king, or a cardinal

Well, it’s not exactly Rome. But it’s close enough anyway and certainly worth a trip! For those looking to do a quick day trip from Rome, this is your place. Villa d’Este is a palace located in Tivoli, a town just outside of Rome with a perfect example of Renaissance architecture and resplendent gardens. The gardens at Villa d’Este are so breathtaking that shortly after its creation it became a model for future garden designs throughout Europe. The villa itself is filled with marvelous frescoes and an extravagant array of artwork fit for a king, or a cardinal in this case, as it was actually built by Cardinal Ippolito d’Este in 1550. If you thought the Trevi Fountain was romantic, wait till you get a load of this beauty. But perhaps the most beautiful part of this UNESCO World Heritage site is the exterior with a maze of lush gardens and some 500 fountains running all at once.


Piazza Trento, 5 – Tivoli

How to get there

Train to Tivoli (1 ¼ hrs)




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