5 favourite hobbies of Italians that you could not know

One of the most valuable things about traveling or living for some time in another country is discovering new cultural differences every day. They can be small or large, this also depends on the country of origin, but often they go beyond the stereotypes we all know. Italians do a lot of things that foreigners find culturally unique, such as closing stores for a few hours during lunch, eating dinner late at night, or going into a bar to have a coffee several times a day. 

Even in terms of hobbies and leisure time, there are things, that are normal for Italians, that might surprise people from another country. Or there are hobbies that one would not imagine Italians like to do, spending lot of hours every week.

Hobbies on the rise among Italians

How do Italians spend their spare time? There are so many activities, but here we just talk about five hobbies that are increasingly popular among Italians and that you might not expect.

  1. Piano lessons

According to a recent survey, it was found that one of the most up-and-coming hobbies among Italians of all ages is taking piano lessons. This instrument, has undershot preferences over classic guitar lessons. Many Italians also try to learn to play as self-taught by watching videos on YouTube.

  1. Boxing shooting

Sports are a popular hobby and it’s easy to imagine Italians running or playing soccer, or perhaps doing some Pilates to tone their body. So it would surprise that among the sports that are increasing most in popularity is boxing. This sport is being chosen more and more for various reasons. Ideal for physical activity, it is also useful to improve skills related to self-defense and relieving stress. And Italians, especially those who live in cities, are very stressed.

  1. Gourmet Cooking

Italians’ love for good cooking is a well-known fact. But that cooking is a hobby may seem strange to those who generally cook only to feed themselves. Since the pandemic, Italians’ passion for cooking and homemade preparations has grown a lot. Thanks in part to successful TV shows, such as Masterchef and many others, cooking even very gourmet dishes is a hobby that equally involves men and women. The passion for eating lunch or dinner at the best restaurants always remains in vogue.

  1. Betting on sports

Gambling is an old and traditional habit among Italians. From Lotto and scratch cards called “Gratta e Vinci”, to betting. Sports betting in Italy has been legal and controlled by government for several years, but this habit is much older. In fact sports betting is the most current version of an old game that worked by filling out a coupon with 13 soccer matches, called “Totocalcio”. A hobby that has enthralled entire generations since 1946. 

Today they continue to do the same on the top betting sites in Italy, with sports betting. In addition, the top betting sites in Italy allow you to fill out the new version of the Totocalcio ticket online as well.

  1. Collecting vintage items

Another intergenerational hobby that characterizes being Italian is collecting vintage items. Whether clothes, coins, lamps, books, cars or motorcycles, it is difficult to find an Italian who does not have a small collection at home or a passion of this kind. Today this hobby can also be followed and taken care of thanks to the success of dedicated apps or simply those for buying and selling second hand items, such as Wallapop, Vinted or Subito.

In short, those who imagine Italians eating pasta and pizza, kicking a ball or singing, are certainly not wrong. But beyond that there is much more to discover in everyday life in Italy.

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