Where to go on the Amalfi Coast

With the temperature so high in the city, you might be making plans to head south to the Amalfi Coast. It’s only a 2-hour train ride to Salerno from Rome and from there you can either catch a ferry or the Sita bus which winds round arguably the most panoramic coastline in Italy.

Here’s a brief outline of how to plan your time in this region of Italy.


This is a little town that is definitely worth seeing. The ferry from Salerno will deliver you to the port and from there you can walk into the main piazza and enjoy great food, a spectacular church and lots of ambiance. If you’re looking to save money, you can always stay a little bit outside Amalfi and either walk into town or catch the bus, which runs frequently up and down the coast.


This postcard town very rarely disappoints anyone, however, the swimming beach is not the best and is by far the most touristy of all spots on the Amalfi Coast so if you’re looking to see how Italians really live or you’re after seaside charm and reasonable prices, you’re better off searching in one of the many beautiful but lesser-known villages just 10 minutes out of Positano.


This chic and breathtakingly beautiful hilltop town looks over the entire coastline and is filled with exceedingly romantic hotels, elegant boutiques, world-famous gardens and great restaurants. That said, some people find it better to stay down by the water and make a day trip up to Ravello. If you’re in good shape physically, it’s worth taking one of the many walks up from Amalfi or Atrani to Ravello by foot. You’ll pass quaint little houses, lemon groves, churches and vineyards and the whole walk there is a view of the ocean.


Although this island is known as being all about glamor, designer shopping, yachts and villas, there is also another side to Capri. Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t afford to stay here. Try the little town of Anacapri, which is not nearly as touristy or expensive and still has a very friendly rustic feel and some great swimming spots. There are also privately owned apartments that can be rented for half the price of a hotel room. The nightlife here is also worth making a trip for.

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