Buying real estate in Murcia: combination of history and beauty


Murcia is a sun-drenched city in eastern Spain. Here you can enjoy delicious food, learn about the rich history of the region and admire the majestic Baroque architecture. The autonomous community is located between Andalusia and Valencia, which often overshadow their small neighbor. And in vain, because in Murcia at every step there is something that travelers appreciate: history and beauty. The area is highly appreciated by foreign investors as well. Variety of flats for investment in Murcia attracts foreigners to buy comfortable accommodation on the seafront.

Things to know about Murcia 

The region of Murcia is a unique area on Spanish territory. It is often called the vegetable garden of Europe. Most of the fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits, cherries, almonds, quinces and more are brought to the northern countries from here.

Murcia is called the Spanish hot plate not because it has 330 days of sunshine a year or because it has the highest temperature in Spain, but because the city is sandwiched between the mountain peaks, which prevents the circulation of air.

Today Murcia is famous for its excellent gastronomic establishments, a huge selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, wonderful scenery and comfortable accommodation. Directly in the city there are no beaches, but at 30 km the quite comfortable shore of the Mediterranean Sea is equipped for recreation of tourists.

Lifestyle in Murcia 

To enjoy the time in Murcia or dream about moving for a permanent stay, it is advisable to become aware of the local way of living. We will discuss the important aspects of life in the list below. 

  • Local cuisine and fresh food. 

The main products used by local chefs are fresh fruits and vegetables, rice and meat. The whole of Spain is famous for the meat pies and seafood dishes that are prepared in Murcia. It is also worth tasting the local wines, which have earned high international recognition.

  • Attractions and cultural heritage. 

Cardinal Beluga Square is one of the central areas of Murcia, which is home to two of the city’s most famous landmarks. The architectural dominant feature is the cathedral with its high 91-meter bell tower. The Murcia Cathedral is one of the best examples of the Spanish Baroque. It is the main symbol of the city and one of the most impressive buildings of the entire region. Construction of the cathedral began in the 14th century. In the 16th century, Murcia’s main cathedral received a Baroque facade. The tower was rebuilt in the Renaissance architectural style around the same time.

  • Education. 

Murcia hosts two internationally-known universities – Universidad de Murcia and Universidad Catolica de Murcia. They prepare specialists on various faculties. Educational establishments are equipped with everything imaginable: film sets, auditorium, library, chapel, sports science research lab, clinical procedure simulation room, treadmill, art studio, prep room, pharmacy, court, physical therapy room, anatomy lab, recording studio and lots of other facilities. 

  • Shopping. 

Almost all the streets of the old city are of artistic interest. The main ones are Plateria and Traperia. Traperia leads from the cathedral to the former market square, where there is another outstanding representative of the architectural heritage of the city the Casino, built in the XIX century. This region offers marvelous options for shopping and enjoying luxury and style. 

Real estate for sale in Murcia 

Favorable climate, affordable cost of living and high quality of life are the most popular reasons that attract expats, foreign investors, and tourists to the region. To stay in Murcia for a long period of time, it would be much cheaper and more comfortable to have an apartment. Keeping in mind the affordable price on property, a foreigner can find a stylish apartment for approximately €2000 per square meter. Spain-Real.Estate provides not only reasonably-priced stylish apartments but an updated information on each housing unit. A buyer should just select the suitable object and read the detailed description.


Property in Murcia in Spain is a long-term investment and a beneficial option for individual needs. Due to the convenient location, advanced infrastructure, and rich cultural heritage, liquid real estate in the area can be easily resold or rented out. 

To sum up, buying property in Murcia is a rational solution for those who work on saving and increasing capital.

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