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Italy has a rich tradition of handcrafted goods which dates back centuries. From intricate glass beads of Burano to traditional hand-painted ceramics of the Amalfi coast, small studios use local products to create traditional, one-of-a-kind goods that are unique to their region of origin. Usually, knowledge of a craft is passed down from one generation to the next as a treasured family secret. As a result, many of these traditional handicrafts have remained unchanged and unique to Italy’s regions. 

However, in a globalized world, these traditional art forms are at risk of disappearance. Traditional Italian crafts are often overshadowed by mass-produced mimics of the real thing, and the artisans who have nurtured their craft for generations are left behind, struggling to compete with companies that use imported, inauthentic materials and large-scale labor.


Art should not be limited to those who have dominance over international markets, with tech-savvy workers across the globe and corporate offices dedicated to maximizing profit. It should emerge from hidden studios tucked away on side streets, or basement workshops in unremarkable apartment buildings. Art is about creating something from emotion, and we seek to preserve this authenticity and make Italian artisanal traditions available across the globe for years to come. That’s why, here at Romeing, an English and Italian magazine reporting on culture and arts across Rome and Florence, we created “Craft Matters”; to tell the stories of the forgotten and unknown artisans who continue to make traditional handcrafted goods using sustainable, local materials. 

Launched in 2022, Craft Matters is a multimedia storytelling platform and e-commerce website that seeks out craftspeople of all kinds across Italy and shares their stories with the global community. Here, readers can learn about historical mosaic-making techniques from a hidden Roman atelier, learn about the life of a X-generation jewelsmith that works in a hidden studio in Florence, and browse photos of craftspeople working hard at what they do best. 

Artisans, Craftspeople, and designers from Italy

Additionally, we are bringing the wares of Italy’s most talented artisans directly to you. Select products from each featured artisan are made available for purchase directly on the Craft Matters home page. You can support these independent makers by purchasing one-of-a-kind souvenirs that portray Italian culture in its most traditional form

Craft Matters continuously curates a collection of products that represent Italy of the past, present, and future. Our craftspeople are both young and old, traditional and innovative, secretive and boisterous; but above all, they share a passion for creating beautiful items that are sure to bring a taste of la dolce vita to you.

Craft Matters is also an environmentally conscious initiative. Many of our artisans use locally-sourced and recycled materials, and we are constantly searching for new artisans who unite heritage with modern priorities. In a world dominated by production, we must remain conscious of the impact our purchases have on the environment. Shopping from small, local businesses encourages investments in high quality, durable products that will last far longer than their mass produced counterparts. Additionally, it supports independent makers who are dedicated to traditional modes of creation which were developed in a time before materials could be imported from across the world. Historic Italian artisans used only what they could obtain from their environment; those who continue these practices do the same. 

If you can’t make it to the Eternal City yourself, you can still learn about Italian customs through the country’s historic handicrafts. Learn the stories of the makers who keep Italy’s artisan tradition alive, and support their work directly through Craft Matters.

“Craft Matters” seeks out Italian artisans and craftspeople with unique, handmade products to share with the global community.

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