Festa della Repubblica – Italy’s Republic Day


Italy celebrates Festa della Repubblica on June 2nd

Repubblica Day, also known as Festa Della Repubblica, is the holiday celebrating the formation of Italy’s republic post-World War II. Repubblica Day is observed 2 June, the anniversary of the day in 1946 Italians when voted for Italy to become a republic, abolishing the former monarchy.

How do Italians celebrate Repubblica Day?

Repubblica Day is celebrated throughout Italy, with festivals, parades, and special events taking place across the country. As a public holiday, schools, government offices, and many businesses are closed on 2 June.

calendario celebrazioni 2 giugno 2023

The biggest Repubblica Day festivities take place in Rome, the capital city, and are attended by the president of Italy and other important government officials. Repubblica Day traditions include a flag raising ceremony at the the Altare della Patria, a memorial to unknown soldiers of World War I. During this ceremony, the President of Italy lays a laurel wreath at the memorial, commemorating the fallen soldiers.

One of the most exciting events of Repubblica Day in Rome is a military parade on Via Dei Fori Imperiali followed by the iconic Frecce Tricolori aerobatic show. The Frecce Tricolori are a prestigious group of fighter jets in the Italian Air Force. On Repubblica Day, they fly above Piazza Venezia and the national monument of Vittorio Emmanuele II, billowing out streams of red, green, and white smoke in the pattern of the Italian flag. 

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While there is no official dish or dessert of Repubblica Day, we recommend celebrating the day with a fresh Caprese salad. Its ingredients of tomato, mozzarella, and basil are the same colors as the Italian flag.

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